XMM-Newton Observation of SN2004dj



  • SN2004dj was discovered on 2004-07-31 by Koichi Itagaki (IAUC 8337) within the compact star cluster Sandage 96 (IAUC 8385, IAUC 8391) in NGC2403
  • It was early identified as a normal type-II-P supernova (IAUC 8338)
  • Following a Target of Opportunity request on August 2nd, 2004, SN2004dj was observed by XMM-Newton on September 12, 2004 under obsid 0165460901.


  • The Observation Data File (ODF) is available in the XSA here
  • And the Pipeline Products will be available in the XSA here.

Quick Look Analysis

Preliminary analysis of the ToO data shows the presence of an X-ray source (pn) as well as UV source (OM UVW1,UVM2, UVW2) at the SN2004dj location within the XMM-Newton astrometric accuracy (2-3arcsec).

The average count rate during the pn exposure was 0.012 counts/sec, which roughly corresponds to a flux of ~2x10-14erg/cm2/s.

Figure 1: Left panel: A colour coded image of NGC2403 where the red channel contains the DSS image, and the green and blue channels contain, respectively, the data from the UVW1 and UVW2 filters during the ToO observation. Right panel: The X-ray sources found in the pn map are added as saturated blue regions. (In all images North is up and East to the left.)


NGC2403 was also observed twice with XMM-Newton in 2003 (0150651101, 0150651201). Sandage 96 is detected in the OM exposures through the UV filters. It is not in the EPIC exposures, but this might be due to a much shorter (~10ks) exposure than in 2004 (~50ks).

Figure 2: Color coded image of NGC2403 as in Figure 1, but for XMM-Newton data obtained in 2003.