XSA Version 2.5 now online


Version 2.5 of the XMM-Newton Science Archive (XSA) is now available at the following URL:


This version includes an extensive suite of new querying, results display and, above all, data processing functionalities:

  • on-line reprocessing of ODF data for the EPIC, RGS and OM (imaging mode) cameras through the latest public SAS data reduction meta-tasks (emproc, epproc, rgsproc, omichain) via the XSA user interface. Output products are stored in an ftp area for retrieval after processing completion, together with the Calibration Index File and the ODF summary file generated by the reduction
  • filtering of PPS EPIC event lists, according to standard selectlib expressions (http://xmm-tools.cosmos.esa.int/external/sas/current/doc/selectlib/index.html) prior to retrieval
  • interactive extraction of spectra and light curves from sky regions defined on EPIC exposure image icons in the XSA FITS viewer tool. Response matrices are generated alongside spectral products. Again, data can be screened, upon accumulation of scientific products, using the same data selection expressions as in xmm/evselect or especget. Output files are made available in an ftp area for retrieval after processing completion
  • sorting of query results according to different parameters (i.e.: observation start time, distance from nominal pointing, proprietary rights expiry date, in addition to the default observation ID)
  • links are provided from the "Details" page of each observation to a large set of operational files : proposal abstract, instrument configuration, timeline summary, telecommand history, real-time observation event reports
  • a new visualization facility is offered for PPS maximum likelihood EPIC source lists

A short "guided tour" of the XSA is available at the following URL:


together with a list of "how-to" oriented Frequently Asked Questions: