XMM-Newton-NEWS  #240,    24-Feb-2021

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  • "A High-Energy View of Exoplanets and Their Environments"
  • Call for XMM-Newton results with potential for ESA Press Releases
  • CLAXSON: A Citizen Science Project for X-ray sources classification
  • ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme

"A High-Energy View of Exoplanets and Their Environments"

Deadline for Abstract Submission: Tuesday, 2nd March 2021

As announced in a previous issue of the XMM-Newton Newsletter, the XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre is organising the virtual astrophysical workshop "A High-Energy View of Exoplanets and Their Environments” from Monday 24th to Friday 28th May 2021.

We take the opportunity to remind of the deadline for abstract submission and other important dates:

Deadline for Abstract Submission Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Notification about accepted presentations Thursday 1st April 2021
Registration Deadline Thursday 20th May 2021


Abstracts for oral and poster presentations can be submitted via the Workshop web page



Local Organising Committee:


Call for XMM-Newton results with potential for ESA Press Release

We are looking forward to hearing about exciting new results obtained with XMM-Newton.

Presenting new results as ESA public relations (PR) releases (e.g. ESA web-releases), represents an important support for the mission. Ideally, the PR process starts as soon as a paper is submitted to the journal and before the results are made public in any way (e.g. astro-ph).

Should you have any interesting highlight result that you want to share with the community, please contact us at the XMM-Newton HelpDesk.

CLAXSON: A Citizen Science Project for X-ray sources classification

CLAXSON is a platform developed by the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre to allow the general public to participate in the identification of the X-ray sources in the 4XMM-DR10 catalogue.

The platform can be reached directly here and via the XMM-Newton SSC webpages.

The project is very successful, with one person classifying almost 10000 sources already and five have carried out more than 1000 classifications. More than half of the people achieve a better than 90% success rate on the known sources!

ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme

To increase the scientific return from its space science missions, the European Space Agency (ESA) welcomes applications from scientists interested in pursuing research projects based on data publicly available in the ESA Space Science Archives.

The ESA Archival Research Visitor Programme is open to scientists affiliated with institutes in ESA Member States and Collaborating States. During their stay, visiting scientists will have access to archives and mission specialists for help with the retrieval, calibration, and analysis of archival data. Residence lasts typically between one and three months, also distributed over multiple visits. Research projects can be carried out at ESAC (Madrid, Spain) and at ESTEC (Noordwijk, Netherlands).

Applications received before 30 April 2021 will be considered for visits in autumn/winter (2021/2022).

For further details, please refer to



Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC