SOWG (draft) Agenda:

 The meeting will take place in Building B, Room 3

Monday Nov 14

13:00 Introduction and agenda (J. Benkhoff)
13:30 Project status (F. Giannini/Mike Krassenburg)
13:45 SGS status (F. Jansen)
14:00 Science Operations Analysis Introduction (R.Hoofs/J. Benkhoff)

14:30 Results for Sciences Operation analysis for MIXS, SIXS and MGNS (R. Moissl)
14:45 Results for Sciences Operation analysis for PHEBUS, MAG and SERENA (H. Middleton)
15:00 Updated results for Sciences Operation analysis for MERTIS & SIMBIO-SYS (J. McAuliffe)
15:15 Results for Sciences Operation analysis for BELA, MORE and ISA (A. Stankov)

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Science Operations Analysis Summary (R.Hoofs/J. Benkhoff)
16:15 Discussion and Agreements on Data-Volume allocation as basis for future tasks (all)
18:00 End of day 1

20:30 Social Dinner (El Escorial)

Tuesday Nov 15

09:00 Summary of first day (J. Benkhoff)
09:15 OGS: Orbit prediction/Orbit accuracy (I. Tanco)
09:45 Results from all PI teams on power-limitations (SGS-team)

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Summary of impact of current power-limitations (J. Benkhoff)
12:00 Science Activity Plan development schedule (R. Hoofs)
12:20 Status of the Science Themes Table (J. Benkhoff)
12:40 Experiment requesting Selective Downlink (J. Benkhoff)
13:00 Status of the Payload System Functional Test (SFT) (J.McAuliffe, R. Hoofs)

13:30 Lunch

14:15 Discussion on future tasks w.r.t. Data Volume reductions; SAP etc. (all)
15:00 Any other topic, upcoming meetings, etc. (all)
15:30 End