Conference Program

10-13 September 2012

European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)
ESA, Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, Spain



 Photos of the participants during the meeting taken by Ivan Valtchanov can be found here.


The Abstract Booklet can be found here


Monday, 10th September

09:00 Registration

09:40 Opening remarks

                         Session I      Chair:  P. Tozzi                                                                                                      

09:50 Review talk  G. EVRARD Simulations of Galaxy Clusters: Past and Present


10:20 Contributed talk Y-K. CHIANG A Systematic Approach to Cluster Formation in the Early Universe: Observations, Simulations, and New Surveys


10:35 Contributed talk  M. STRINGER Massive galaxies at high redshift: rare or impossible?


10:50 Contributed talk C. FEDELI Cluster concentration-mass relation and baryonic cooling   

11:05 - 11:35 Coffee break and poster viewing

11:35 Contributed talk  T. GOERDT Gravity-driven Ly-alpha blobs from cold streams into galaxies

                        Session II      Chair:  M. Tanaka                                                                                                  


11:50 Review talk G. DE LUCIA Modeling the formation of cluster galaxies: recent progress and challenges

12:20 Contributed talk  Y.-T. LIN Constraints on the stellar mass assembly of brightest cluster galaxies

12:40 Contributed talk  M. HIRSCHMANN  Environmental history of galaxies in high-density regions

13: 00 Contributed talk  F. SHANKAR Probing the evolution of massive spheroidal galaxies via halo occupation distribution and semi-analytic models

13:15 Contributed talk  S. ANDREON Quenching in galaxy clusters during the last 10 Gyr: role of secular evolution, galaxy mass and environment

13:30 - 15:00 Lunch

                         Session III      Chair:  T. Kodama                                                                                               


15:00 Review talk   F. PACAUD XMM-LSS and XXL surveys

15:30 Contributed talk  P. TOZZI Search and characterization of high-z, massive clusters: recent results from Chandra and Swift/XRT

15:50 Contributed talk  R. FASSBENDER The X-ray luminous Galaxy Cluster Population at 0.9 < z <~ 1.6

16:15 Contributed talk  J. WILLIS Distant clusters in the XMM Large Scale Structure survey

16:35 - 17:05 Coffee break 

17:05 Contributed talk  M. TANAKA Quiescent early-type galaxies in z>1.5 groups

17:25 Contributed talk  G. ERFANIANFAR X-ray groups in DEEP2 fields             

17:45 End of Session


Tuesday, 11th September


                         Session IV     Chair:   S. Maurogordato                                                                                         

09:00 Review talk   M. BRODWIN Evolution of the cluster galaxy populations at the highest redshifts  

09:30 Contributed talk  R. BASSETT The Structural Properties of Cluster Galaxies at z=1.62 and the Morphology-Density Relation

09:50 Contributed talk  G. RUDNICK A Tale of Dwarfs and Giants: Using a z = 1.62 Cluster to Understand How the Red Sequence Grew Over The Last 10 Billion Years.

10:10 Contributed talk  A. MUZZIN Environmentally-Driven Galaxy Evolution at z ~ 1: Perspective from Rich Galaxy Clusters

10:30 Contributed talk  J. NANTAIS Already big but still growing: comparing galaxy evolution in clusters at z~1.2 and z~0.8

10:50 Contributed talk  S. PATEL The Role of Environment at z>1: A Large Spectroscopic Sample from the 3D-HST Survey

11:10 – 11:40 Coffee break & Poster viewing

11:40 Contributed talk  J. KURK The evolutionary status of a large scale galaxy structure at z=1.6

12:00 Contributed talk  D. STERN (on behalf of N. SEYMOUR) The Impact of High-z Radio on Their Environments

12:20 Contributed talk  A. RETTURA Evolution in the Structural Properties of Early-Type Brightest Cluster Galaxies over the past 10 billion years


12:40 Contributed talk  A. GALAMETZ Large Scale Galaxy structures and clusters in CANDELS

13:00 Contributed talk  M. HUERTAS-COMPANY Mass-size relation of ETGs in different environments during the last 10 Gyr

13:15 Contributed talk  M. MCDONALD The Evolution of Cool Cores in Galaxy Clusters at z>0.5 from SZ, Optical and X-ray Surveys

13:30 - 15:00 Lunch 

                         Session V     Chair:   I. Jorgensen                                                                                                  

15:00 Review talk   M. FRANX  Formation and evolution of the most massive galaxies

15:30 Contributed talk  S. ALBERTS Tracing the Evolution of Star Formation Activity in Galaxy Clusters Out to z~2

15:45 Contributed talk  K-I TADAKI MAHALO-Subaru project: the accelerated growth of massive, star-bursting galaxies at z>2

16:00 Contributed talk  N. HATCH The effect of environment in the early Universe: a comparison of proto-cluster and field galaxies at z~2.

16: 20 Contributed talk  M. BREMER Identifying evolving massive structures at z~5 with Lyman break galaxies

16: 40 Poster Session

17:00 - 17:30 Coffee break & poster viewing

17:30 Contributed talk  A. ZIRM Towards Building Robust (photometric) Density Maps at z~2

17:45 Contributed talk  Y. KOYAMA Red star-forming galaxies in distant clusters: a key population triggered by environmental effects in the early Universe?

18:00 End of Session


Wednesday, 12th September

                         Session VI     Chair:   C. Horellou                                                                                                   

09:00 Review talk  F. MENANTEAU  The distant cluster population from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope

09:30 Contributed talk  G. W. PRATT Galaxy Clusters: What We Are Learning From Planck

09:45 Contributed talk  L. MONTIER First characterisation of the Planck all-sky catalogue of high-z cluster candidates

10:05 Contributed talk  B. STALDER Massive Clusters at z>1 from the South Pole Telescope SZ Survey


10:20 Contributed talk  F. SEMBOLINI Exploring the SZE brightness of MUSIC proto-clusters to calibrate Y-M scaling law

10:35 Contributed talk  K. BASU Redshift evolution of the radio luminosity function in clusters of galaxies

10:50 – 11:20  Coffee break & Poster viewing

                         Session VII     Chair:   L. Metcalfe                                                                                                


11:20 Review talk  D. ELBAZ The infrared view of star formation in high-density environments

11:50 Solicited talk E. DADDI Stars to ashes, gas to dust: weighing the ISM in galaxies to z=2


12:10 Contributed talk   F. ZIPARO A star formation oasis in the middle of a cluster desert

12:30 Contributed talk   R. GRUTZBAUCH The early effect of the cluster environment on star-formation: the case of XMMU J2235.3- 2557

12:45 Contributed talk   I. PINTOS-CASTRO Multiwavelength study of the galaxy population in the young cluster RXJ1257.2+4738 at z=0.866

13: 00 Contributed talk  F. BRAGLIA Detecting dusty protoclusters with Planck and Herschel

13:15 Contributed talk   M. SANCHEZ-PORTAL A Herschel far-infrared view of the Spiderweb proto-cluster

13:30 - 15:00 Lunch                                                                                                                    

                         Session VIII     Chair:     H. Rottgering                                                                                     


15:00 Review talk R. GOBAT Galaxy and cluster formation at z~2

15:30 Contributed talk  A. GONZALEZ IDCS J1426.5+3508: A Massive, Strong Lensing Cluster at z = 1.75

15:50 Contributed talk   R. DEMARCO Clusters at z > 1.5 from the SpARCS Infrared Cluster Survey

16:05 Contributed talk  C. DIENER  Galaxy groups at z~2 in zCOSMOS-deep

16: 20 Contributed talk  V. STRAZZULLO Galaxy population properties in high-redshift clusters

16:40 - 17:00 Coffee break & poster viewing

17:00 Contributed talk  A. FRITZ  The Evolution of Cluster Early-Type Galaxies Since z=1 - CANCELLED

17:15 Contributed talk  J. VERNET The Spitzer view of the environment of 70 powerful high redshift radio galaxies at 1

17:30 Discussion session chaired by P. ROSATI

18:00 End of Session

20:45 Conference dinner at Teatro Real in Madrid.



Thursday, 13th September

                         Session IX      Chair:  J. Kurk                                                                                                         


09:00 Review talk  B. VENEMANS Proto-clusters searches and studies

09:30 Contributed talk  L. SPITLER The discovery of a galaxy cluster with passive galaxies at redshift z=2.2

09:50 Contributed talk  H. UMEHATA Submillimeter Galaxies in the SSA22 Protocluster at z=3.1

10:10 Contributed talk  H. DANNERBAUER Revealing Dusty Starbursts around a Large Scale Structure at z=2.2

10:30 Contributed talk  M. HAYASHI A star-bursting proto-cluster associated to a radio galaxy at z=2.53

10:50 Contributed talk  H. ROTTGERING Herschel and LOFAR observations and the study of proto-clusters

11:10 - 11:40 Coffee break & poster viewing

11:40 Contributed talk  J. AFONSO The environments of faint Ultra Steep Spectrum radio sources

12:00 Contributed talk  D. WYLEZALEK  The mid-infrared environments of radio-loud AGN

12:20 Contributed talk  E. BAÑADOS The galaxy environment of quasars z~6

12:35 Contributed talk  F. DURRET Hundreds of distant clusters in the CFHTLS Wide fields

13:50 Contributed talk  D. GETTINGS The Massive Distant Clusters of WISE Survey

13:10-14:45 Lunch

                        Session X      Chair:  R. Demarco                                                                                                 

14:45 Review talk  H. HOEKSTRA: Weak Lensing and structure formation: current status & future prospects with Euclid

15:15 Contributed talk A. BIVIANO  High-z clusters astrophysics with Euclid

15:30  Summary talk C. LIDMAN

16:00  End of conference


CLUSTERS 2012 Organising Committee