5th International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW-5)

Location: Bordeaux, France date: 23-29 June 2007



The next steps in the robotic exploration of the solar system include
missions to planets and satellites with significant atmospheres. Many of
these missions will include entry probes. The International Planetary Probe
Workshop series was established to bring together scientists, spacecraft
engineers, technologists, and mission designers interested in the
technological challenges and scientific opportunities involved in entry,
descent, and flight in these planetary atmospheres.


The 5th Workshop (IPPW-5), to be held in Bordeaux in June 2007, will build upon the accomplishments of the four earlier workshops: two held in Europe (Lisbon, Portugal, 2003 and Athens, Greece, 2005) and two in the USA (NASA Ames Research Center, 2004 and Pasadena, 2006). As with previous workshops, key objectives include fostering international involvement and collaboration in planetary exploration with probes, and engaging the next generation of scientists and engineers in this exciting field of planetary exploration. The focus of IPPW-5 will continue to be on outer planet probe missions as well as concepts for probe and aerial platform missions to Mars, Venus, and Titan. There will be a session on technologies for the extreme environments experienced in entry, descent, and flight at these targets. Immediately preceding the workshop, a two-day short course, "Controlled Entry and Descent into Planetary Atmospheres" will be held.


 The IPPW is a joined NASA / ESA conference series

The 2007 edition is organized in Bordeaux and the local organization is managed by ARA & Astrium Space Transportation.

We thank the following sponsors for their support and for making this conference possible.

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