Wednesday 2010-09-29 AM : History, laboratory work & theory : Chair Luis Méndez

  • Andy Pollock : Introduction and format of the workshop
  • Elmar Träbert : Why the beam-foil interaction is not charge exchange
  • Ismanuel Rabadán : Charge exchange in ion collisions with atoms and molecules
  • Scott Porter : Measurements of X-ray emission following charge exchange using an Electron Beam Ion Trap and a high resolution X-ray calorimeter spectrometer
  • Vasili Kharchenko : Spectra of Cascading Photons Induced in Charge-Exchange Collisions: Theory and Modeling
  • Hajime Tanuma : Laboratory Experiments of Solar Wind Charge Exchange in Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy

Wednesday 2010-09-29 PM : In and around the Earth : Chair Konrad Dennerl

  • Ina Robertson : Solar wind charge exchange during geomagnetic storms
  • Jenny Carter : Exospheric Solar Wind Charge Exchange as observed by XMM-Newton
  • Ishisaki Yoshitake : Constraining long-term variability of solar-wind charge exchange induced X-ray emission observed with Suzaku

Thursday 2010-09-30 : Further afield in the Solar system : Chairs Rosine Lallement & Scott Porter

  • Konrad Dennerl : Charge Exchange in the Exospheres of Venus and Mars
  • Graziella Branduardi-Raymont : Charge exchange in Jupiter's aurorae
  • Yuichiro Ezoe : Suzaku observations of charge exchange emission from solar system objects
  • Dennis Bodewits : Charge Exchange Emission of Comets in X-ray and the Extreme UV
  • Scott Wolk : Cometary X-rays from Plasma Processes
  • Mats Holmström : Energetic Neutral Atom Observations in the Solar System and Beyond
  • Kip Kuntz : Conundrums concerning the Local Hot Bubble
  • Dimitra Koutroumpa : Diagnostics of charge-exchange emission in the heliosphere and the interstellar medium

Friday 2010-10-01 AM : At large in the Universe : Chair Takaya Ohashi

  • Andy Pollock : Charge exchange in hot stars: yes or no ?
  • Vladislav Izmodenov : Two-component modeling of plasma-neutral interfaces: role of charge exchange

Friday 2010-10-01 PM : Future developments : Chair Steve Sembay

  • Michael Collier : The Sheath Transport Observer for the Redistribution of Mass (STORM) Imager
  • Massimiliano Galeazzi : The DXL sounding rocket mission for the study of solar wind charge exchange and Local Bubble X-ray emission
  • Hiroki Akamatsu : Challenge to reveal Solar Wind Charge Exchange mechanism with TES X-ray microcalorimeter and TMU-ECRIS
  • Scott Porter : High performance Non-dispersive x-ray spectrometers for Charge Exchange measurements
  • Round table discussion