Inter-Departmental Science Workshop 2009

24+25 September 2009

European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)
ESA, Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid, Spain



ISDW 2009 Programme

The programme below has been updated to show the actual sequence of presentations. Where possible, the titles link to PDF files.

Abstracts are available as single PDF file.

Thursday 24 September 2009
Time Speaker   Presentation
09:20 Martin Kessler Welcome
09:30 Guido De Marchi Temporal evolution of the stellar mass function of Galactic clusters
09:45 Silvia Vicente Physical Properties and Evolution of protoplanetary disks
10:00 C. Philippe Escoubet Multi-point measurements of the cusp region: Cluster observations and simulations
10:15 Luca Conversi The OLIMPO experiment as a components separator of the microwave sky
10:30 Angels Aran Modelling Solar Energetic Particle Events in a wide range of energies (0.3 to 200 MeV protons)
10:45 Jan-Uwe Ness Observational Evidence and Models for Expansion in SSS Spectra of Novae
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Ruth Ziethe The Thermal Evolution of Mercury and the Implications for Volcanism, Topography and Geoid
11:45 Jakob Walcher Understanding galaxy evolution through measurement of element abundance ratios
12:00 Michael Kueppers Investigation of the First Rosetta Flyby Target: E-type Asteroid (2867) Steins
12:15 Torsten Boeker Central Massive Objects in Spiral Galaxies
12:30 Fabrice Cipriani Study of Planetary Environments
12:45 Achille Nucita RGS high resolution spectra of active galactic nuclei
13:00 Sandra Schumacher Chaotic terrains and the determination of paleo-surface heat flux on Mars
13:15 Linda Smith The Cluster Formation History of M82
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Bjoern Grieger Estimating a digital terrain model for a peak of (almost) eternal light close to the lunar south pole from SMART-1/AMIE images
14:45 Stephan Birkmann Light Echoes from Historic Supernovae
15:00 Nicolas Altobelli Cassini-CIRS thermal measruements of Saturn main rings: probing the ring structure
15:15 Matteo Guainazzi The X-ray view of compact radio galaxies: new clues on the origin of the radio power in the Universe
15:30 Daniel Lennon Spitzer SAGE Studies of Massive Stars in the Magellanic Clouds
15:45 Alexander Afanasiev Formation of fine structure of solar type II radio bursts at decametric waves: Analysis of the role of propagation effects
16:00 Richard Saxton The contribution of XMM-Newton to the 2-10 keV source counts at bright fluxes
16:15 Giacomo Beccari Observations of exotica in Globular Clusters: clues on their dynamical state.
16:30 Erwan Treguier Geochemical variability seen by the Mars Exploration Rovers and acid-fog alteration modelling
16:45 Coffee Break
17:15 Loredana Spezzi Probing the mass accretion process in the Large Magellanic Cloud
17:30 Miguel Almeida SMART-1 AMIE multispectral cubes - validation sites and the SPA basin
17:45 Deborah Baines Probing the disks, accretion and formation of pre-main sequence stars using VOSpec.
18:00 Bernard Foing SMART-1 and lunar RSSD research results
18:15 Bruno Merin Spitzer c2d Legacy Results: A New Large Sample of Disks with Inner Holes
18:30 Matt Taylor Multi-point aspects of the magnetopause boundary layer under northward IMF
18:45 Erik Kuulkers An unshrouded view of our lively Galactic bulge
19:00 Pierre Vernazza Mid-infrared spectroscopy: a useful tool for studying the composition of asteroids?
19:15 Peter Kretschmar Understanding Cyclotron Lines in the Spectra of Accreting Neutron Stars
19:30 Transfer to Hotel, Conference BBQ
Friday 25 September 2009
Time Speaker   Presentation
09:30 Cherry Ng A systematic analysis of the broad Fe K alpha line in neutron star LMXBs with XMM-Newton
09:45 Antonella Nota The star formation history of young clusters in the SMC
10:00 Stefania Carpano Planetary transit candidates in the first CoRoT fields
10:15 Håkan Svedhem Particle flux in the range 1mm to 10m - SPOSH-IR
10:30 Håkan Svedhem RSSD activities on the reaseach line 'meteors' (on behalf of Detlef Koschny)
10:45 Augustin Chicarro The European Robotic Exploration of the Planet Mars
11:00 José María Castro Cerón GRBs and their host galaxies: lighthouses to high redshift star formation processes
11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 Jessica Agarwal The Dust Trail of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2008
12:00 Michele Armano LISA Oil-Finder? Gravity Waves Data Analysis Techniques and the world of Passive Seismic Exploration.
12:15 Mónica V. Cardaci Warm absorbers around the nucleus of the active galaxy UGC 11763
12:30 Mark McCaughrean Dynamical masses for Eps Indi Ba,b, the nearest known brown dwarfs
12:45 David Southwood Differential rotation in Saturn's magnetic field
13:00 David Southwood Closing Remarks
13:30 End