Meteor Orbit Determination workshop #03 (MOD WS #03)

3rd Announcement

posted 09 Apr 2010

Welcome to the homepage of the Meteor Orbit Determination workshop #03. It will take place at the European Space Agency's facility ESTEC in the Netherlands from 17 -  20 April 2010. The main focus of this workshop will be:

  • Detailed discussion of UFOcapture and related software
  • Discussion on different points related to meteor detection and archiving 
  • What is still missing in the Virtual Meteor Observatory to properly archive all existing data?
  • Introduction into the SPICE toolkit
  • and more...

Registration has closed and we are happy to say that we have a good mix of participants between software developers, meteor network operators, and people that just start or intend to start a meteor observing network. The list of participants is accessable via the menu on the right - we also plan to make the presentations available via the menu on the right. Stay tuned!

The local organising committee:

Maria Gritsevich, Detlef Koschny