The science of MarcoPolo-R

 03-04 Jun 2013, ESA/ESTEC


Thanks to all who participated in our workshop at ESA/ESTEC on 03-04 Jun 2013 about the science of MarcoPolo-R.

The presentations given at the conference can be downloaded as a (260 MB) zip-file here.

The pictures taken during the conference can be found here.

The LOC, 19 Jun 2013.





MarcoPolo-R is one of four missions currently studied within ESA's Cosmic Vision M3 launch slot. The gooal of this workshop is to involve the broad science community in the science of MarcoPolo-R. This will be done via invited presentations of the Science Study Team for MarcoPolo-R, addressing the overall science goals of the mission; via invited presentations of the instrument science by the selected payload teams; and by open presentations from the science community in general.

The meeting will be open to interested participants from both the science community and industry. We invite you to provide abstracts for presentations or posters related to the topics of MarcoPolo-R. Several invited contributions will give an overview of the current MarcoPolo-R science. Additional contributions related to MarcoPolo-R science are solicited. A poster session will take place on Monday evening. 

Registration and abstract submission is closed. The tentative programme is available via the menu above.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at ESTEC!

The organizing committee.


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