Meteor Orbit Determination workshop #03 (MOD WS #03)

Meeting location: ESA/ESTEC, Keplerlaan 1, 2201 ZH Noordwijk, room Yb005 (in the 'training center') - (0)71-565-8455 
Preliminary agenda
Saturday, 17 April 2010

Morning session: Group introductions

Afternoon session: Introductions continued and the UFO* suite

09h30m  Koschny, Gritsevich Welcome and introduction, logistics   
09h45m Koschny Previous MOD workshops and the ISSI 'VMO' team  Presentation_Koschny_MOD
10h00m Gural MeteorScan overview and other transient detection algorithms


10h30m Molau The IMO video network and MetRec Presentation
11h00m Brinkmann The double-station observations from Herne-Herford since Dec 20 Presentation
11h15m Gulon What is REFORME? Gulon
11h30m Koschny Meteor activities at ESA/RSSD Koschny_MRG
11h45m  Margonis Results from the 2009 meteor campaign of DLR using the SPOSH camera  
12h00m  Vaubaillon PoDET-MET: An orbit-oriented French meteor network  
12h15m   Lunch   
13h15m  Toth The Slovak video network  
13h30m Igaz

Building a camera network in Hungary

13h45m  Abe Hayabusa reentry observations  
14h00m  Bettonvil tbd  
14h15m   Coffee break  
14h30m SonotaCo The SonotaCo network - overview SonotaCo_network
15h30m SonotaCo UFOCapture: Key functions UFOcapture
16h30m SonotaCo UFOAnalyzer: Measurement methods and additional functions for observers UFOanalyzer
17h30m SonotaCo  Discussion   
18h00m Koschny  Wrapup of the day, documentation   
18h30m    Bus leaves to hotels in Noordwijk  
20h00m   Conference Dinner in Noordwijk, Restaurant Het Galjoen, Parallelboulevard 2a, 2202 HP Noordwijk aan Zee (half way in between Hotel Lekker and Hotel Admiraal) web link

Unfortunately, Geert Barentsen will only come on Sunday, Damir Segon and Zeljko Andreic as well as Dagmara Oszikiewicz are not able to make it. For reference, we still here post their Presentation (Damir) and Oszikiewicz (to come).

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Morning session: UFO* continued

Afternoon: Sightseeing

09h30m  Wisniewski The Polish fireball network 2010  Wisniewski
10h00m  Zoladek  Automatic photographic meteor observations Zoladek
10h20m SonotaCo UFOOrbit:  Meteor identification, determination methods, quality control UFOorbit
13h00m   Lunch  
14h00m   visit to Space Expo with visit of ESTEC test center via the Space Train  
16h30m SonotaCol UFOorbit continued  
18h30m    Bus leaves to Leiden Central Station  
19h00m  G. Koschny Walk through Leiden   
20h00m  all Dinner in La Bota, Leiden (you pay yourself)   web link

Return to hotel via public transportation (bus leaves 10 minutes past the hour every hour)


We did not manage to listen to the FBI presentation or the 'equipment' presentation by SonotaCo, so they are linked here: FBI_etc and Equipment.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Morning session - Virtual Meteor Observatory

Afternoon session - SPICE

09h30m Segon Camera network Segon's presentation 
09h45m  Koschny Requirements to the VMO as discussed in previous workshops  
10h00m Barentsen The VMO - current capabilities and status  
10h15m SonotaCo Comments and requirements to the VMO from the SonotaCo network   
10h45m   Coffee break   
11h00m Barentsen Reply to SonotaCo's comments  
11h30m Barentsen 'Cookbook' instructions for ingesting data into the VMO  
12h15m Koschny Comparison of orbit determinations by FirBal and MOTS2.0   
12h30m Arlt Flux determination from visual and video observations  
13h00m   Lunch  
14h00m Koschny SPICE - a software library and database format for geometrical calculations in the solar system  
14h30m Barentsen Testing trajectory determination algorithms using simulated meteors    
15h00m Arlt  The Bayes method for averaging   
15h00m Margonis Photometry   
15h30m   More discussion points   
17h30m  Molau, all Summary and wrap-up of sessions, documentation   
18h00m    Bus leaves to Koschny's place for the reception  
18h30m    Reception  
23h00m   Bus leaves to hotels in Noordwijk  

The SPICE workshop given by Diaz del Rio had to be cancelled due to the cancellation of flights because of a volcanic eruption in Island.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Morning session - Camera network issues

Afternoon session - general discussion

09h30m Arlt  Bayesian parameter search   
10h00m Barentsen  Simulating meteors   
10h30m SonotaCo  Equipment   
11h00m   Coffee break   
11h15m Margonis  Photometry   
11h45m Molau, Segon Camera network issues Presentation with discussion points 
13h00m    Lunch   
14h00m Molau  Camera network issues - continued   
15h00m Koschny Summary of open points, produce an action list, next meeting  
17h00m   End of the meeting  
Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sightseeing! For those who are interested.