Star and Planet Formation Workshop

21 January 2013


European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid, Spain

On the 21 January 2013, the European Space Astronomy Centre hosted a one-day workshop to bring together the star and planet formation community working in different institutions from the Madrid area (CAB, UAM, UCM, OAN, and ESA). We had a series of short talks to learn about the different on-going projects.


Deadline for registration:               10 January 2013 (closed)

Deadline for abstract submission:  20 December 2012 (closed)


Workshop start and end: 09:20 to 17:40

Contact: For more information, please contact Catarina Alves de Oliveira calves[at]

Scientific Organizing committee: Catarina Alves de Oliveira (ESA), Carlos Eiroa (UAM), Javier Goicoechea (CAB), Bruno Merín (ESA), David Montes (UCM), Benjamín Montesinos (CAB), Mario Tafalla (OAN), María Rosa Zapatero Osorio (CAB)

Local Organizing committee:  Catarina Alves de Oliveira (ESA), Asun Casado (ESA), Bruno Merín (ESA), Benjamín Montesinos (CAB)

We thank the support from the Faculty of the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC).