Inter-Departmental Science Workshop 2010

11-12 November 2010

Volendam, The Netherlands



Oral Programme

Thursday 11 November 2010

09:30-9:45       Welcome (Organising Committee, Department Heads)

09:45-10:00     Göran Pilbratt: Cold Disks Around Nearby Stars - Early DUNES Highlights

10:00-10:15     Mark Kidger: Herschel observations of the inactive nucleus of Comet Hale-Bopp at 30 AU from the Sun

10:15-10:30     Erwan Treguier: Origin of sulphate-rich bedrocks at Meridiani Planum, Mars

10:30-10:45     Andy Pollock: The eccentric charm of the Wolf-Rayet binary systems WR140 and WR25

10:45-11:00     Erik Kuulkers: MAXI J1659-152: a black hole transient living to the max?

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-11:45     Presentations of new Research Fellows

11:45-12:00     Celia Sanchez-Fernandez: The population of Galactic X-ray bursters as seen by JEMX onboard INTEGRAL

12:00-12:15     Marion Cadolle Bel: Multiwavelength observations of the microquasar GX 339-4 during its recent 2010 outburst

12:15-12:30     Alvaro Labiano: Evolution of young extragalactic radio sources and their host galaxies

12:30-12:45     Anette Borg: Magnetic reconnection: Ideal picture vs reality

12:45-13:00     Arnaud Masson: A new way to derive the electron density in the Earth's magnetotail

13:00-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:00     Brainstorming:  "How can we improve collaboration across Faculties and sites?"

15:00-15:30 Coffee break

15:30-15:45     Robert Fosbury: Very early star formation

15:45-16:00     Loredana Spezzi: Detection of brown dwarf-like objects in the core of NGC3603

16:00-16:15     Morten Andersen: The low-mass Initial Mass Function in resolved stellar clusters

16:15-16:30     Pierre Vernazza: Meteorite Analogs for Phobos and Deimos: Unraveling the Origin of the Martian Moons

16:30-16:45     Rosario Brunetto: Composition of cometary particles as input for space weathering models of small icy bodies

16:45-17:00     Nicolas Altobelli: Delivery of Cosmic Dust onto atmosphere-less surfaces in the Solar System: the Saturn's rings case studied by CASSINI-CDA

17:15-19:15     Poster Session (with drinks)

19:30 Dinner

Friday 12 November 2010

09:00-09:15     Bruno Merin: Disk evolution and planet formation studies at ESAC/ESTEC

09:15-09:30     Bartolomeo Viticchie: Stokes V asymmetries in Hinode SOT/SP quiet Sun observations

09:30-09:45     Anik De Groof: Solar dynamics with SWAP and LYRA (PROBA2)

09:45-10:00     Jose Maria Castro Ceron: GRB Science: from end to end

10:00-10:15     Ivan Valtchanov: Through the looking glass to the distant Universe

10:15-10:30     Kai Noeske: Cornerstones of Cosmology - The New Multi-Wavelength Galaxy Surveys

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:15     Dmitriy Titov: From the Martian water cycle to the Venus clouds

11:15-11:30     Olivier Witasse: Study of the ionospheres of Mars and Venus

11:30-11:45     Silvia Vicente: Physical Properties and Evolution of Circumstellar Disks: the results one year after

11:45-12:00     Davide Gandolfi: The bumby road to a transiting exoplanet: unveiling the nature of CoRoT candidates

12:00-12:15     Ruth Ziethe: The Expected Interior And Surface Environment of Corot-7b

12:15-12:30     Concluding remarks (Department Heads)

12:30 Lunch


List of Posters

1) Benoit Carry:                        Disk-resolved imaging of asteroids

2) Rachel Halina Soja:              Retrograde particles around Jupiter and Saturn

3) Conny Hansson:                   Development of detector technology for X-ray, gamma-ray and neutron detection

4) Elaine Winston:                     The properties of Spitzer and Chandra identified YSOs in Serpens and NGC 1333

5) Arianna Piccialli:                   Dynamics of the Venusian mesosphere

6) Jan Soucek:                          Properties and Dynamics of Magnetosheath ULF Waves

7) Nora Loiseau:                      X-ray selected AGNs in the North Ecliptic Pole field

8) Roland Vavrek:                    Complexity of the diffuse interstellar medium in large-scale Herschel imaging surveys

9) Guido De Marchi:                 Recent star formation in 30 Doradus

10) Miguel Sanchez-Portal:       The GaLAxy Cluster Evolution Survey (GLACE): introduction and first results

11) Håkan Svedhem:                SPOSH-IR bread-board: Results and future prospects

12) Bernard H. Foing:   Recent Interdisciplinary Research on the Moon, Mars & Terrestrial Analogues

13) Luigi Colangeli:                   Observing Mercury with the High Resolution Imaging Channel of SIMBIO-SYS onboard the BepiColombo mission

14) Luigi Colangeli:                   Geologic analysis of Tithonium Chasma on Mars

15) Luigi Colangeli:                   A self consistent model of the 67P/Churyumovâ€"Gerasimenko comet dust environment

16) Santa Martinez:                  Study of electrical activity in Martian dust storms with the Deep Space Network antennas

17) Nicolas Manaud:                Ongoing work to produce interoperable high-level MEx/OMEGA digital map products

18) Laura Tomas Calderon:      XMM-Newton observations of the field of LBQS 2212-1759

19) Matt Taylor:                       The magnetopause under northward IMF conditions

20) David Lumb:                      An unusual X-ray arc in Carina

21) Philippe Escoubet: Ion dispersions observed by Cluster in the polar cusp under IMF-Bz southward

22) Stephan Birkmann:             Herschel Observations of Young and Massive Star-Forming Regions: Core Masses and Dust Opacities

23) Angels Aran:                      Why would the proton intensity spectrum invert during a Solar Energetic Particle event?

24) Matteo Guainazzi:              X-raying Narrow Line Regions in AGN  [WITHDRAWN]

25) Richard Marsden:              Radial and latitudinal gradients of anomalous cosmic ray oxygen in the inner heliosphere

26) Stefania Carpano:               Planetary transit candidates discovered by CoRoT

27) Ignacio de la Calle:             A glimpse into the central engine of an Active Galaxy

28) Bruno Altieri:                      Galaxy evolution from deep surveys with Herschel/PACS

29) Rene Laureijs:                    The balloon-borne far-infrared polarisation mapping experiment PILOT

30) Michael Kueppers:             Observations of Asteroids (2867) Steins and (21) Lutetia by the OSIRIS cameras onboard Rosetta

31) Detlef Koschny:                  Constraining physical properties of meteoroids from light curve observations

32) Deborah Baines:                 Science Using the Virtual Observatory: Spectroscopic studies of pre-main sequence stars

33) Zender Joe:                        Temporal and frequency variations of flares observed by LYRA onboard of PROBA2

34) Daniel Mueller:                   JHelioviewer: Open-Source Software for Discovery and Image Access in the Petabyte Age

35) Bjoern Grieger:                   Synthesis of lunar south pole topography from SMART-1/AMIE imagery and Kaguya Laser Altimeter data

36) Stefan Remus:                    A Description for the Analysis of Multipath Effects observed by VeRa using Radio Occultation Open Loop Data and the Wigner Ville Distribution

37) Michele Armano:                LISA Pathfinder and MOND

38) Torsten Boeker:                 The Nuclei of Disk Galaxies

39) Jan-Uwe Ness:                   X-ray and UV observations of a nova outburst in eclipse