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These pages are a useful source of information for potential collaborators, and especially prospective candidates for the Research Fellowship Programme. Research interests can be found for

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Faculty Elections

2017 ESAC Science Faculty Election Results

The newly-elected Faculty Council is composed of the following members:

  • Sentinel: Michael Kuppers
  • Council (9 members, of which two are CAB, one is RF, one from Baltimore): Maria Morales Calderon (CAB), Jose Antonio Caballero (CAB), Eleni Kalfountzou (RF), Bruno Altieri, Richard Saxton, Bruno Merin, Nora Loiseau, Andrew Walsh, Tim Rawle (Baltimore)

Faculty funding

For internal information such as Faculty Funding, please log in using your "corporate" username/password (the same as used to enter ESA mission archives, MAS, timesheets etc).

Library: If you are in need of a book or a journal, the ESAC library meets all of your needs.

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