SSO Open Seminars - 2004 Programme

Date Title   Speaker Room
3 Dec. 2004 Aurora in the Solar System JC Gerard (Liege, Belgium) Fresnel 1
19 Nov. 2004 Substorms and Magnetotail P. Louarn (CESR, Toulouse, France) Fresnel 1
12 Nov. 2004 Dynamics and instability in Jupiters outer magnetosphere D. Southwood (D-SCI, ESA) Einstein
5 Nov. 2004 Mars Express/HRSC camera results R. Jaumann (DLR, Berlin, Germany) Fresnel 1
22 Oct. 2004 Massive Star Nucleosynthesis in Cygnus X J. Knoedlseder (CESR, Toulouse, France) Fresnel 1
8 Oct. 2004 An Infrared View of Galaxy Evolution. Latest Results from Spitzer Deep Surveys H. Dole (Univ. of Orsay, France) Fresnel 1
24 Sept. 2004 COROT F. Favata (SCI-SA - ESTEC) CANCELLED
10 Sept. 2004 The Pioneer Anomaly: The Data, its Meaning, and a Possible Test M.M. Nieto (Lanl, Los Alamos, USA) Fresnel 1
9 july 2004 ESO research facilities in Chile D. Alloin (ESO, Chile) Fresnel 1
2 july 2004 LISA: a mission to detect and observe gravitational waves Oliver Jennrich (RSSD) Fresnel 1
18 June 2004
Archaeoastronomy: Stonehenge and beyond Prof. C. Ruggles
(Univ. of Leicester)
4 June 2004 on the Cassini Huygens mission J.P. Lebreton
Fresnel 1
N.B 14:00
7 May 2004 The origin of dust at high redshift L. Dunne
(Univ. of Nottingham)
Fresnel 1
23 April 2004 The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey: First Science Results B. Mobasher
(STScI Baltimore)
2 April 2004 Gas in Elliptical Galaxies and Bulges R. Peletier
(Kapteyn Institute Groningen)
Fresnel 1
19 March 2004 Architecture and concepts of optical sensors for planetary exploration and space based astronomy H. Michaelis
Fresnel 1
5 March 2004
The paradoxes of evolution: inevetable humans but in a lonely universe Prof. Simon Conway Morris
(Cambridge Univ.)
20 February 2004 Imaging and Photometry of Mars: strategy toward a multiscale understanding of the optical properties P. Pinet
(Obs. Midi Pyrenees, Toulouse)
Fresnel 1
6 February 2004 The Dust and Gas Content of Quasars and Galaxies in the Early Universe P. Cox
(IAS Orsay)
Fresnel 1
23 January 2004 Early Mission Highlights from the Spitzer Space Telescope A. Marston
Fresnel 1
9 January 2004 Darwin and Exoplanets: Disks, Exoplanets and Darwin Malcolm Fridlund
Fresnel 1