Galaxy Clusters and Cosmology

Our main research areas include:

  1. The study of galaxy clusters (mass estimates, galaxy evolution), proto-clusters and gravitationally lensed sources in the optical-to-infrared with observatories including JWST, Herschel, Spitzer and HST.
  2. With the recent launch of Euclid, detection and characterization of galaxy clusters, cosmology, galaxy clustering and weak lensing, and the theory of dark energy and gravity.


Active members




Contact point: Bruno Altieri


Former members: Irene Pintos-Castro (Univeristy of Toronto), Joana Santos (2013), Miguel Sanchez-Portal (ESO, IRAM, 2017), Luca Conversi (ESRIN,2018), Maggie Lieu (University of  Nottintham, 2019), Ginebra Favole (EPFL, Lausane, 2019), Crispin Logan (ESA Research Fellow,2020)

ESAC trainees: Sophia Milanov (2017), Matej Kosiba (2018), Ditlev Frickmann (2020)



We are involved in several large international collaborations as :

from low-redshift to high redshift clusters as well as proto-clusters.




Past workshops and meetings