ESTEC OPEN Seminars - 2020 Programme


During COVID-19, ESTEC open/internal seminars combined with the virtual 2020 ESAC Seminars
Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
17 January 11:00 NEMO - The NEar real-time MOnitoring system for bright fireballs Print Abstract Esther Drolshagen & Theresa Ott, University of Oldenburg Einstein
31 January 11:00 Big Steps Toward Small Worlds: Exoplanet Atmosphere Characterization in the Next Decade and Beyond Print Abstract Laura Kreidberg, Harvard–Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Newton 1
14 February 11:00 The Art and Science of the Euclid Mission Print Abstract Lisa Pettibone, Artist-in-residence at Mullard Space Science Laboratory (UCL) Dance Room
28 February 11:00 The IAU European Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (E-ROAD) Print Abstract Michelle Willebrands, Leiden Observatory Einstein
13 March 11:00 WILL BE POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE - First engineering and science results of JAXA’s Hayabusa2 mission to asteroid Ryugu Print Abstract Stefania Soldini, University of Liverpool Einstein
27 March 11:00 WILL BE POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE - Ground Testing and Diagnostic for atmospheric entry flights Print Abstract Stefan Löhle, University of Stuttgart Dance Room
17 April 11:00 WILL BE POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE Print Abstract Dominic Papineau, University College London Einstein