Galaxy Formation and Evolution


Several Faculty members are closely involved with ESA missions for extragalactic studies, and carry out research in this field.

If you are interested in the ESA fellowship and are looking for contacts to ask questions or discuss your research plans, you will find below a list of people to contact and a short summary of what we do.


Studies of galaxy formation and evolution using JWST

Pierre Ferruit (ESTEC) is one of two JWST project scientists for ESA, while Giovanna Giardino (ESTEC) and Tim Rawle (ESA@STScI) support JWST as NIRSpec instrument scientists. They all participate actively in NIRSpec's Guaranteed Time Observing (GTO) program, and in particular to its large spectrocopic survey focusing on the physics of galaxy assembly (>700h of JWST time).


Galaxies and Cosmology

Jan Tauber is the Project Scientist for the Planck mission. Even though he does not work on Cosmic Microwave Background directly, he understands the ins and outs of the Planck data very well. He is always glad to discuss possibilities to carry out interesting cosmological analysis using that data. Recently Jan has worked together with Pedro Carvalho and Marcos López-Caniego to generate a new catalogue of thermal emission compact sources, using the latest Planck maps - this catalogue contains all kinds of sources: from cold Galactic clumps to distant dusty galaxies.

Rene Laureijs is the Project Scientist for the Euclid mission, ESA mission dedicated to investigating the origin of the Universe's accelerating expansion and the nature of dark energy, dark matter and gravity.


Further extragalactic activities also take place in the research groups:  Galaxy Clusters and Cosmology



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