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  Name Main Research Topics Project(s) Station
A Julia Alfonso-Garzón Operation and archive exploitation for Integral/OMC; variable object light curves   CAB
  Will Alston
X-ray astronomy; time series analysis; accretion and feedback physics; strong gravity; machine learning
Research Fellow ESAC
  Bruno Altieri Galaxy clusters; deep infrared surveys; gravitational lensing Euclid ESAC
  Nicolas Altobelli Saturn rings; infrared spectroscopy; interstellar dust; interplanetary dust; asteroids/comets; dust dynamics JUICE, Cassini, Rosetta ESAC
  Catarina Alves de Oliveira Brown dwarf formation; origin of the initial mass function (IMF); filamentary structure in molecular clouds JWST, SMILE ESAC
  Michele Armano Gravitational waves; effective field theory and General Relativity; black hole physics; geodesy; data analysis for experimental gravity physics; applications to hydrocarbon physics and engineering

Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space (ACES)

B Rickbir Bahia Martian geomorphology; Martian river valleys and glacial systems; geospatial analysis of planetary data; ExoMars rover simulations Research Fellow ESTEC
  Deborah Baines Pre-main sequence stars (Herbig Ae/Be; T Tauri); Be stars; binaries; proto-planetary discs; spectro-astrometry; virtual observatory (VO) Science archives; VO ESAC
  David Barrado y Navascués Brown dwarfs; low-mass stars   CAB
  Guillaume Belanger Galactic Centre; Sgr A*; molecular clouds Integral ESAC
  Ines Belgacem Icy moons; photometry; remote sensing; image processing Research Fellow ESAC
  Enrica Bellocchi Low-z (U)LIRGs; active galaxies; optical/IR/sub-mm/mm astronomy; galaxy kinematics JWST CAB
  Johannes Benkhoff Computational modelling of the physics and chemistry of sublimation processes of pourous, dusty, multi-component ices in the Solar System; Mercury. BepiColombo ESTEC
  Mark Bentley Space weathering; comets and asteroids; cometary dust; instrumentation BepiColombo; Rosetta ESAC
  Sebastien Besse Formation and evolution of the Solar System Archives; Rosetta ESAC
  Rachana Bhatawdekar High-z galaxies, galaxy evolution, galaxy clusters, gravitational lensing Research Fellow ESTEC
  Sarah Boazman Geomorphology of the Moon and Mars; planetary geological mapping; remote sensing; monitoring aeolian bedforms on Mars Research Fellow ESTEC
  Eleni Bohacek Planetary geology; remote sensing; computer vision Research Fellow ESTEC
  Lisanne Braat Martian deltas; geomorphology of Earth and Mars; sediment transport; numerical modelling Research Fellow ESTEC
C Isabel Caballero Accreting X-ray pulsars; cyclotron lines; pulse profiles Integral ESAC
  José Antonio Caballero Exoplanets; brown dwarfs; stars; open clusters and associations; astrobiology   CAB
  Luigi Cacciapuoti Space-based tests of general relativity and quantum mechanics with atomic clocks; matter-wave interferometers; space-to-ground links relying on classical and entangled states of light ACES ESTEC
  Guadalupe Cañas Herrera Fundamental cosmology; inflation; modified gravity; gravitational-waves; statistical Bayesian inference techniques; machine learning Research Fellow ESTEC
  Hector Canovas Pre-Main Sequence (T Tauri, Herbig Ae/Be) stars; protoplanetary disks; planet-disk interactions; high contrast imaging; imaging polarimetry; sub-mm interferometry Gaia ESAC
  Alejandro Cardesin Moinelo Terrestrial Planets: Mars and Venus, Planetary Atmospheres, Remote Sensing, Spectroscopy, Spacecraft and Planetary Geometry VEX; MEX; ExoMars; JUICE ESAC
  Miguel Cerviño Synthetic modelling of stellar populations; massive stars; Virtual Observatory   CAB
  Quentin Changeat Exoplanets; atmospheric physics; data analysis Research Fellow STScI
  Chiara Circosta AGN feedback; black hole-galaxy co-evolution; AGN obscurationl SED fitting; multiwavelength surveys Research Fellow ESAC
  Daniela Coia Galaxy clusters ExoMars ESAC
  Thomas Cornet Planetary surface processes; thermodynamics; landscape evolution; icy moons BepiColombo ESAC
  Marc Costa Sitja Trans-Neptunian objects; asteroids; spacecraft and solar system geometry   ESAC
  Patricia Cruz Stellar properies; late-type stars; low mass binary systems; spectroscopic characterization of
planet-host stars; exoplanet atmospheres
  Maria Angeles Cuevas Planetary geology; comets; planetary science operations Rosetta ESAC
D Jos de Bruijne Young stellar groups, astrometry, dynamical modelling Gaia ESTEC
  Anik de Groof Solar physics; EUV coronal heating; coronal loops; space weather in EUV imaging; solar EUV instrumentation PROBA2; Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Ignacio de la Calle AGN; blazars; TeV astronomy XMM-Newton ESAC
  Guido De Marchi Star formation, stellar populations, interstellar medium JWST; Archives ESTEC
  Albert Domingo Garau INTEGRAL/OMC; detectors; photometric techniques; variable stars   CAB
  Xavier Dupac Observational cosmology; interstellar medium; cosmic microwave background Planck ESAC
E Jacobo Ebrero Carrero AGN; warm absorbers and cosmic feedback processes; evolution and large-scale structure of AGN XMM-Newton ESAC
  Matthias Ehle Environment of galaxies; galactic halos; cosmic magnetic fields; interstellar and intergalactic medium; galaxy clusters Integral ESAC
  Philippe Escoubet Space plasma physics, Sun-Earth connection, ion spectrometry and spacecraft potential Cluster; Double Star ESTEC
  Pilar Esquej Tidal disruption of stars by supermassive BHs; XMM-Newton Slew Survey Herschel ESAC
  Willi Exner Magnetospheres of small bodies, e.g. Mercury and Ganymede; exosphere interaction with surface and magnetosphere; extreme solar wind condition effects on magnetospheres Research Fellow ESTEC
F Katja Fahrion Globular clusters; nuclear star clusters; galaxy evolution; stellar populations Research Fellow ESTEC
  Pierre Ferruit Galaxy formation and evolution; instrumentation & data processing JWST ESTEC
  Bernhard Fleck Waves in the Solar atmosphere Soho GSFC
  José Pablo Fonfría Evolved stars; circumstellar envelopes; molecular spectroscopy; astrochemistry; IR/(sub)mm high spectral resolution astronomy; (sub)mm interferometry   CAB
  Andrew Fox Milky Way; Interstellar medium; Intergalactic medium; Galaxy evolution; Magellanic Clouds HST STScI
  Diego Fraga Planetary data archiving; data formats, data processing and calibration; software development for space applications; optical instruments. Rosetta ESAC
  Emilio Fraile Earth Observation, Remote Sensing; Fundamental Physics, Gravitational Waves, Black Hole Physics; Fermi Paradox; Earth-like Planets Gaia ESAC
G MariCruz Gálvez Ortiz Brown dwarfs; low-mass stars; binaries; exoplanets; open clusters and associations; astrobiology   CAB
  Pedro Garcia Lario Stellar evolution; AGB to PNe evolution; IR observations Herschel ESAC
  Bernhard Geiger Statistical and numerical techniques for scientific data analysis MEX; VEX; Rosetta ESAC
  Margherita Giustini X-rays; accretion disks; active galaxies; super massive blach holes and quasars   CAB
  Pedro Gomez Gravitational-lensed QSOs Euclid ESAC
  Beatriz Gonzalez Garcia Star formation; exoplanets; brown dwarfs candidates CESAR ESAC
  Juan González-Núñez Astronomical data archive and exploitation; advanced data visualisation techniques Gaia ESAC
  Rosario Gonzalez Riestra Cataclysmic variables; classical novae; recurrent novae; symbiotic stars XMM-Newton ESAC
  Georgina Graham Heliophysics; solar wind; plasma physics Research Fellow ESAC
  Björn Grieger Planetary surfaces Rosetta ESAC
  Victoria Grinberg X-ray binaries; massive stars; stellar winds from massive stars; black holes; neutron stars; jets; accretion; variability   ESTEC
  Matteo Guainazzi AGN; Seyfert galaxies; narrow line regions; radio galaxies; General Relativity; accretion disks Athena; LISA ESTEC
  Maximilian Günther Exoplanets and habitability; stellar flares and cool stars; machine learning and Bayesian statistics Research Fellow ESTEC
H Oliver Hall

Bayesian Asteroseismology of solar-like oscillators using space-based photometry and Gaia astrometry

Research Fellow ESTEC
  Günther Hasinger

Compact objects; X-ray background and cosmology

Director SCI ESAC
  Laura Hayes Solar flares; time-series analysis; space weather Research Fellow ESAC
  David Heather Lunar remote sensing; geological mapping, morphology, volcanism and volcanic history; impact cratering and lunar stratigraphy; lunar volatiles, habitability, and ISRU PROSPECT; Science Archives ESTEC
  Adam Hepburn Subglacial hydrology; glacial geomorphology; mid-latitude glacial histories of Mars; crater chronology Research Fellow ESAC
  Ana Heras Detection and characterisation of exoplanets; stellar activity and exoplanets; debris disks Plato ESTEC
  Svea Hernandez Galaxy evolution; chemical enrichment in nearby galaxies; ISM; stellar populations   STScI
  Gonzalo Holgado Massive stars; quantitative spectroscopy; photometric calibration   CAB
  Raymond Hoofs Planetary science operations; experiment operations; Venus; comets VEX ESAC
  Nuria Huélamo Young stellar objects; brown dwarfs; exosolar planets; proto-planetary disks   CAB
  Gaitee Hussain Star formation and evolution; solar and stellar activity; space weather modelling Division Head SCI-SC ESTEC
I Aitor Ibarra Ibaibarriaga Highly obscured sources; IGR J16318-4848 XMM-Newton ESAC
  Nick Indriolo Cosmic rays; interstellar medium; astrochemistry; massive star formation; submillimeter galaxies HST STScI
J Alexander James The Sun; Coronal Mass Ejection (CME); space weather Research Fellow ESAC
  Bethan James The Sun; Coronal Mass Ejection (CME); space weather    STScI
  Nils Janitzek Space plasma in-situ measurements; solar wind; solar energetic particles; space weather Research Fellow ESAC
  Emilia Järvelä AGN; narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies; multiwavelength observations Research Fellow ESAC
  Oliver Jennrich Gravitational Waves, precision metrology, gravitational physics LISA Pathfinder, L3 theme "The gravitational Universe", Suzaku ESTEC
  Elena Jimenez Bailon AGN activity;clusters of galaxies; star formation; binary systems XMM-Newton ESAC
  Francisco Jiménez-Esteban Stellar evolution; AGB; post-AGB; LBV; Virtual Observatory   CAB
K Jari Kajava X-ray binaries; X-ray bursts; Tidal Disruption Events; Multi-wavelength observations; Polarimetry INTEGRAL ESAC
  Sarah Kendrew High-mass star formation in the Milky Way; stellar feedback; galaxy evolution at high z; citizen science JWST STScI
  Mark Kidger Photometric calibration; comets; blazars Herschel ESAC
  Markus Kissler-Patig Exoplanets; astrobiology; optical/near-infrared telescopes and instrumentation Department Head SCI-S ESAC
  Ralf Kohley Optical and SWIR imaging detectors and instrumentation Euclid ESAC
  Peter Kretschmar Accreting X-ray pulsars; High-Mass X-ray Binaries; Stellar winds of massive stars; accretion physics XMM-Newton ESAC
  Michael Kueppers Cometary Physics; asteroids Rosetta; HERA ESAC
  Nimisha Kumari Reionization; high redshift galaxies; star-forming regions; interstellar medium; metallicity JWST STScI
  Erik Kuulkers X-ray binaries; Galactic bulge monitoring; X-ray bursts Integral, Einstein Probe ESTEC
L Álvaro Labiano James Webb Space Telescope; AGN JWST ESAC
  Uwe Lammers Astrometry; Gaia self-calibration; general relativity in the context of Gaia Gaia ESAC
  Rene Laureijs Interstellar Medium; Cosmology with Euclid Euclid ESTEC
  Mattia Libralato Astrometry; photometry; proper motions; star clusters; stellar kinematics; stellar populations JWST STScI
  Jorge Lillo-Box Exoplanets; astrobiology; radial velocity; high precision photometry from space and ground   CAB
  Andrew Lobban Ultra-fast outflows from AGN; Spectroscopy and timing analysis of black hole systems; Multiwavelength variability studies of AGN Research Fellow ESAC
  Nora Loiseau Interacting galaxies XMM-Newton ESAC
  Belen Lopez Low-mass stars and brown dwarfs; star formation; extrasolar planets; optical and infrared astronomy; space astronomy   CAB
  Marcos López-Caniego Cosmology, cosmic microwave background; gravitational lensing; radio and sub-mm sources; compact sources Planck ESAC
  Rosario Lorente Magnetic activity in late type stars   ESAC
M Alan Macfarlane Planetary science; data visualisation and modelling BepiColombo ESAC
  Jesús Maíz Apellániz Massive stars; massive young clusters; interstellar lines and extinction; surveys; photometric calibration   CAB
  Elena Manjavacas Low-mass stars; brown dwarfs; exoplanets JWST STScI
  Pablo Marcos Arenal Exoplanets and habitability; instrumentation; detectors; data processing; simulations Euclid; Integral ESAC
  Julia Marín-Yaseli de la Parra Cometary science; coma dust particles MEX ESAC
  Anthony Marston Evolved massive stars; Wolf-Rayet stars; interaction with environment XMM-Newton; JWST ESAC
  Patrick Martin Mars; planetary surface composition; remote sensing; mineralogy MEX; VEX ESAC
  Juan-Manuel Martin-Fleitas Astronomical instrumentation Gaia ESAC
  Santa Martinez Planetary data; science archives BepiColombo ESAC
  J. Miguel Mas-Hesse Astronomical instrumentation, methods and techniques; astrobiology; starburst galaxies; high redshift galaxies   CAB
  Arnaud Masson Space plasma physics, Sun-Earth connection, natural plasma waves Cluster ESAC
  Paul McNamara Gravitational waves, data analysis, instrument characterisation, interferometry design and operation LISA Pathfinder ESTEC
  Luis Mendes Cosmic microwave background; sosmological isotropy; gravitational waves Planck ESAC
  Ignacio Mendigutía Star and planet formation; protoplanetary disks; star-disk-planet interactions; Herbig Ae/Be stars; high spatial resolution techniques   CAB
  Bruno Merín Exoplanets, protoplanetary disks and planet formation; multi-wavelength astronomy, machine learning ESDC ESAC
  Harold Metselaar Mathematician; spectrometers   ESTEC
  Helen Middleton Planetary atmospheres and ionospheres Cluster ESAC
  Giovanni Miniutti X-ray astronomy; AGN; X-ray binaries; black holes; neutron stars; accretion discs; general relativity   CAB
  Benjamin Montesinos Proto-planetary disks; activity cycles in late-type stars; hydrodynamics of gas in the penumbra of sunspots   CAB
  Alcione Mora Astronomical instrumentation; star formation Gaia ESAC
  Daniel Müller Solar physics: numerical modelling, data visualisation, spectropolarimetry Solar Orbiter ESTEC
  Sophie Musset High energy solar physics; X-ray and radio diagnostics of particle acceleration and transport during solar flares; solar X-ray instrumentation Research Fellow ESTEC
N Vicente Navarro Computational methods ESDC ESAC
  Chris Nelson Solar atmosphere; UV bursts; magnetohydrodynamic waves Research Fellow ESTEC
  Federico Nespoli VIRTIS; PFS; spectroscopy VEX ESAC
  Jan-Uwe Ness Supersoft X-ray binary sources; Classical Novae; stellar coronae; high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy Athena; XRISM ESAC
O Francisco Ocaña González Astronomical instrumentation; site characterisation and light pollution; meteor physics; inner planets and small bodies BepiColombo ESAC
  Eduardo Ojero Pascual Software development for astronomical data XMM-Newton ESAC
  Pedro Osuna Alcalaya Heliophysics; Exospheric Solar Wind acceleration; Plasma Physics Solar Orbiter ESAC
P Anna Pala Accreting white dwarfs; compact binary evolution; UV and optical spectroscopy; accretion physics Research Fellow ESAC
  Jose Vicente Perea Calderon Stellar Evolution; AGB to PNe evolution; IR observations XMM-Newton ESAC
  Miguel Perez Ayucar Solar observatory; Venus; Titan; bistatic radar; interplanetary media scintillation VEX ESAC
  Ricardo Perez Martinez Gravitational lensing; galaxy clusters; deep IR surveys XMM-Newton ESAC
  Timo Prusti Young Stars; Disks; Clusters and Clouds in Gould Belt Gaia ESTEC
  Elena Puga Formation of high-mass stars   ESAC
R Elena Racero AGN; blazars; multiwavelength variability in AGN; asteroids   ESAC
  Theresa Rank-Lüftinger Exoplanets, stellar activity, stellar magnetic fields and winds, effects of stars on planetary atmospheres   Ariel, CHEOPS  ESTEC
  Tim Rawle Galaxy clusters; gravitational lensing; high redshift galaxies; Herschel surveys JWST STScI
  Jan Reerink Machine learning; artificial intelligence; Bayesian statistics   ESAC
  Emily Rickman Exoplanets; brown dwarfs; direct imaging; emission spectroscopy; atmospheric characterisation Research Fellow STScI
  Lucie Riu Alteration processes at Mars; volcanism at Mars; NIR spectroscopy of planetary bodies; formation and evolution of small Solar System bodies Research Fellow ESAC
  Carlos Rodrigo Virtual observatory standards, theoretical models, applications   CAB
  Pedro Rodriguez Pascual AGN; line emitting gas; star forming processes; solar system bodies in X-rays XMM-Newton ESAC
  Alicia Rouco Escorial High-energy astrophysics; X-ray binaries; gamma-ray bursts; highly magnetized neutron stars; multi-wavelength astronomy; gravitational waves Research Fellow ESAC
  Kate Rowlands Galaxy evolution and transformation; post-starburst galaxies; dust and gas in galaxies; multi-wavelength surveys; IFU spectroscopy; SED fitting codes HST STScI
  Regina Rudawska Solar System minor bodies; meteoroids, comets and asteroids   ESTEC
S Johannes Sahlmann Exoplanets; brown dwarfs: instrumentation; astrometry Gaia ESAC
  Emilio Salazar Artificial Intelligence in astronomy; high energy physics Integral ESAC
  Luis Sanchez Solar physics; helioseismology; solar cycle Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Carmen Sánchez Contreras AGB stars; pre-planetary nebulae; planetary nebulae   CAB
  Celia Sanchez Fernandez Low-mass X-ray binaries; X-ray bursts Integral ESAC
  Maria Santos Lleo AGN; multi-wavelength spectroscopy of Seyfert 1 galaxies XMM-Newton ESAC
  Jorge Sanz-Forcada Stellar coronae; X-rays from hot stars; effects of X-rays in planetary atmospheres   CAB
  Richard Saxton AGN; X-ray flaring galaxies; tidal disruption of stars by supermassive BHs; XMM-Newton Slew Survey XMM-Newton ESAC
  Norbert Schartel X-ray emission of AGNs; X-ray weak quasars; relativistically broad iron line around black holes; ionized absorbers XMM-Newton ESAC
  Rita Schulz Cometary Science and minor bodies   ESTEC
  Victor See Stellar rotation evolution; stellar magnetism and activity; exoplanetary habitability Research Fellow ESTEC
  Elliot Sefton-Nash Planetary geology & remote sensing: surface properties (thermophysical, morphological, mineralogical), surface-atmosphere interaction, volatiles, habitability, computational methods, planetary GIS ExoMars ESTEC
  Marco Sirianni JWST calibration; optical and IR detectors JWST STScI
  Michael Smith X-ray and radio observations; supernova remnants XMM-Newton ESAC
  Enrique Solano Astronomical databases; virtual observatory tools; asteroids; brown dwarfs   CAB
  Paule Sonnentrucker Molecular astrophysics and ices in space; interstellar medium and dust; star formation HST STScI
  Anamarija Stankov Asterosismology; stellar interiors; stellar oscillations BepiColombo ESTEC
  Anne Grete Straume Planetary atmosphere dynamics and composition; Venus; Earth EnVision ESTEC
  Martin Stuhlinger AGN; X-ray variability of quasars; 3C 273; X-ray Binaries; Vela X-1 XMM-Newton ESAC
T Jan Tauber Structure and composition of the diffuse Galactic Interstellar Medium using data from Planck and/or balloon-based observatories. CMB cosmology using Planck data products Planck ESTEC
  Matt Taylor Space plasma physics, predominently magnetospheric boundary layers using multi-spacecraft and multi-mission data sets Rosetta; Cluster ESTEC
  David Teyssier Massive star formation; astro-chemistry of the interstellar medium Herschel, Gaia ESAC
  Laura Tomas Cosmic X-ray background; AGN XMM-Newton ESAC
V Claire Vallat Cometary science Rosetta ESAC
  Ivan Valtchanov Galaxy clusters and groups; large-scale structure; cosmology; multi-wavelength observations Herschel; XMM-Newton ESAC
  Roland Vavrek Interstellar medium; molecular clouds; wavelet image analysis Euclid ESAC
  Javier Ventura-Traveset Scientific aspects of GNSS / Satellite Navigation, including General relativity, relativistic positioning, ionosphere / space weather, metrology, etc Galileo; EGNOS; NAVISP ESAC
  Aurélien Verdier Solar System Objects; dark matter; dark energy; radio astronomy   ESAC
  Eva Verdugo Rodrigo A-type supergiants; T Tauri stars XMM-Newton ESAC
  Eva Villaver Exoplanets: detection, dynamics, survival and evolution; stellar evolution; AGB stars, white dwarfs and planetary Nebulae; ISM gas dynamics   CAB
  Martin Voelker Planetary geology; planetary surface processes; remote sensing; geography Research Fellow ESAC
W Andrew Walsh Space plasma physics; terrestrial magnetosphere; magnetotail structure and dynamics; solar wind Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Laura Watkins Astrometry; dynamical modelling; globular clusters; local group galaxies; proper motions; stellar kinematics HST STScI
  Dave Williams Solar and heliospheric physics Solar Orbiter ESAC
  Colin Wilson Mars, Venus, Titan, planetary atmospheres Exomars; Mars Express; Venus Express ESTEC
  Olivier Witasse Planetary atmospheres JUICE ESTEC
  Jack Wright Volcanism on Mercury; volatile-driven processes on Mercury; planetary geological mapping Research Fellow ESAC
Z Sascha Zeegers Interstellar medium; interstellar dust; X-ray and Infrared spectroscopy; X-ray binaries Research Fellow ESTEC
  Peter Zeidler Young star clusters; HII regions; stellar and gas kinematics; feedback; photometry; (integral field) spectroscopy JWST STScI
  Joe Zender Solar physics, terrestrial planets, metor physics (spectral analysis) Proba; BepiColombo ESTEC
  Yannis Zouganelis Solar and heliospheric physics Solar Orbiter ESAC