ESAC Seminars - 2010 Programme

Date Title Abstract  Speaker Affiliation Room

Thursday, 10:30h
2 December 2010

The GaLAxy Cluster Evolution Survey (GLACE): introduction and first results Print Abstract Miguel Sanchez Portal ESAC B5

Thursday, 10:30h
25 November 2010

Fullerenes everywhere! Print Abstract Pedro Garcia-Lario ESAC B3

Monday, 14:30h
15 November 2010

eRosita Print Abstract Peter Predehl MPE-Garching, Germany B3

Thursday, 10:30h
4 November 2010

Science and source catalogs with JEM-X Print Abstract Niels J. Westergaard National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark B3

Tuesday, 10:30h
2 November 2010

Thick and luminous accretion disks in microquasars Print Abstract Aleksander Sadowski Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw B3

Tuesday, 14:00h
26 October 2010

The Rosetta Lutetia flyby Print Abstract Holger Sirks / Rita Schulz Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research / ESTEC B3/B5

Thursday, 10:30h
21 October 2010

Jets from X-ray binaries Print Abstract Simone Migliari ESAC B3

Thursday, 10:30h
2 September 2010

A Spectroscopic View of the Lambda Ori Star Forming Region Print Abstract Amelia Bayo ESO-Santiago, Chile B3

Wednesday, 10:30h
4 August 2010

The impact of the slow solution in the winds of massive stars Print Abstract Michel Cure Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile B3

Thursday, 10:30h
10 June 2010

The optical counterparts of accreting millisecond X-ray pulsars: an observational overview Print Abstract Paolo D'Avanzo INAF, Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera B3

Friday, 10:30h
11 June 2010

The NuSTAR Mission - Overview and Status Print Abstract Finn Erland Christensen Danish National Space Institute B3

Friday, 14:30h
4 June 2010

IXO - Status and Outlook Print Abstract Peter Kretschmar, Aitor Ibarra and Richard Saxton ESAC A24

Thursday, 10:30h
27 May 2010

Discs and jets in X-ray binaries: confusion in the optical and infrared Print Abstract Dave Russell Astronomical Institute 'Anton Pannekoek', University of Amsterdam B5

Friday, 15:30h
21 May 2010

The AKARI All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogues Print Abstract Alberto Salama / Angelo Cassatella ESAC / INAF, Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario, Rome, Italy B3

Thursday, 14:30h
20 May 2010

Black Hole Astrophysics in the Infrared Print Abstract Steve Eikenberry University of Florida B3

Friday, 10:30h
14 May 2010

Origin and Formation of Large Multiple Asteroid Systems Print Abstract Franck Marchis UC-Berkeley & SETI B3

Wednesday, 10:30h
12 May 2010

Revealing the secrets of Comet Coma Print Abstract Bjoern Davidsson Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University, Sweden B3

Thursday, 10:30h
25 March 2010

MAXI: monitoring the X-ray sky of the 21st century Print Abstract Motoki Nakajima Nihon University, Tokyo B3

Thursday, 10:30h
4 March 2010

ESAC Faculty Assembly and mini-Jamboree Print Abstract ESAC Faculty members ESAC B3

Thursday, 10:30h
4 February 2010

Time variability in the Emission from Active Galactic Nuclei Print Abstract Markus Boettcher Ohio University, Athens, OH, USA B3

Thursday, 10:30h
21 January 2010

4U 1909+07: a well hidden pearl Print Abstract Felix Fuerst Dr. Karl-Remeis Sternwarte & Bamberg, Germany B3

Thursday, 10:30h
14 January 2010

Interstellar gas, molecules and dust in the X-ray spectrum of GS 1826-238 Print Abstract Ciro Pinto SRON-Utrecht, The Netherlands B3