SSO Open Seminars - 2013 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
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06st December 2013 15:00 Shedding light on fundamental physics with Planck Print Abstract Dr. Silvia Galli (IAP) Newton 1
22st November 2013 15:00 Results from the Curiosity rover on Mars Print Abstract Dr. Nicolas Mangold (Univ. Nantes) Newton 2
08st November 2013 15:00 INTEGRAL and the millisecond X-ray pulsars: a love story since 10 years Print Abstract Dr. Maurizio Falanga (ISSI) Newton 1
25st October 2013 15:00 D/H in the Solar System and the origin of Earth's water Print Abstract Dr. Paul Hartogh (MPISS) Einstein
11st October 2013 15:00 Extended Lyman-alpha emission from cold accretion streams Print Abstract Dr. Joakim Rosdahl (Leiden Univ.) Newton 1
27st September 2013 15:00 From gas disks to exoplanet atmospheres Print Abstract Dr. Thomas Henning (MPIA) Newton1
22st August 2013 15:00 Stardust, Deep Impact, and soon ROSETTA: Three Jupiter-family comets with debris from the Asteroid Belt Print Abstract Prof. Rietmeijer (Univ. of New Mexico) Newton 1
21st June 2013 15:00 The Planeterrella Experiment, From auroral physics to classroom experiment Print Abstract Jean Lilensten (Grenoble) Einstein
07th June 2013 15:00 What is the Sun up to? Solar cycle 24 in a long-term context Print Abstract Matt Owens (Reading University) Newton 1
24th May 2013 15:00 Oceans, Geysers, Water Diapirs: A Peek through the Surface of the Saturnian Moons from Gravity Measurements of the Spacecraft Cassini Print Abstract Luciano Iess (University of Roma 1) Einstein
03rd May 2013 15:00 Connecting the local star formation law and the growth of embedded clusters Print Abstract Genevieve Parmentier (Heidelberg University) Escape Dance Room
19th April, 2013 15:00 Volcanism - A probe into the dynamics and evolution of planetary interiors Print Abstract Dr. David Baratoux (Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planetologie) Newton 1
15th March, 2013 15:00 The formation and evolution star clusters with the Astrophysics Multipurpose Software Environment Print Abstract Simon Portegies Zwart (Leiden University) Einstein
01st March, 2013 15:00 CANCELLED Print Abstract Joakim Rosdhal (Leiden University) Newton 1
22th February, 2013 15:00 Recent Progress and Open Questions in Milky Way Evolution Print Abstract Eva Grebel (Heidelberg University) Einstein
1st February, 2013 15:00 Exchange processes in the deep interior of icy moons: implications for the habitability of the outer Solar System Print Abstract Dr. Olivier Grasset (Nantes University) Escape Dance room
18th January, 2013 15:00 Looking at the Dark Side: weak lensing by large scale structure Print Abstract Henk Hoekstra (Leiden University) Newton 1