Breakfast Seminars

The seminar page displays seminars from all ESA Faculty seminar series in one place.

The Breakfast Seminar series generally occurs at 9:45 (CET/CEST) on Tuesday at ESTEC.


Series Organisers

If you would like to present a Breakfast Seminar, please contact the organisers: Katja Fahrion, Laura Hayes, Victor See


Series details

  • Goal of the seminar series is to stimulate the scientific exchange within the Directorate. Scientists from other Directorates are welcome either as speakers or as attendees.
  • The seminar is held on a weekly basis, right after the research fellows breakfast, on Tuesdays in the Wormhole Db 162 and on Webex: 9:45, 25-30 minutes plus questions/discussions
  • Attendance is open to everyone.
  • Presentations are given by RFs, YGTs, regular staff, contractors, and trainees.
  • All active scientists are encouraged to regularly present. Presentations should be either aboutan interesting paper from their field of research, or a part of their own current work (e.g., a figure or paper draft), an interesting paper they have recently read, a summary of the scientific highlights of a conference, or some other scientifically interesting discussion topic.
  • The breakfast seminar may also serve as a forum for an informal presentation of work by Faculty Visitors.
  • This is the perfect place to introduce new arrivals to the whole science crew. Looking forward to meeting you!