SSO Open Seminars - 2011 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
16th December 2011 - Extragalactic spectroscopy with PACS/Herschel Print Abstract Eckhard Sturm, MPE (Germany) Einstein
2nd December 2011 - IBIS observations of polarisation at MeV energies: from the Crab pulsar to Cygnus X-1 Print Abstract Philippe Laurent, CEA-Saclay (France) Einstein
11th November 2011 15:00 The dynamical evolution of exoplanet systems Print Abstract Melvyn Davies, Lund Observatory (Sweden) Einstein
28th October 2011 15:00 Theoretical constraints to the Cepheid distance scale waiting for the GAIA answer Print Abstract Marcella Marconi, INAF (Italy) Einstein
14th October 2011 15:00 Mercury: new insights into the intermost planet from NASAs Messenger mission Print Abstract Dave Rothery, Open University (UK) Dance Room
29th September 2011 14:00 MSL/SAM from an engineering as well as a scientific point of view Print Abstract Paul Mahaffy, NASA/GSFC Newton 2
16th September 2011 15:00 Cloud morphology and the dynamics of the atmosphere of Venus Print Abstract Dmitrij Titov, ESA SRE-SM Dance Room
8th July 2011 - The Measurement of Time in the 21st Century Print Abstract Christophe Salomon, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Ecole Normal Superieure, Paris, France Einstein
24th June 2011 15:00 Exploring Extrasolar Worlds Today and Tomorrow Print Abstract Giovanna Tinetti, University College London, UK Newton 1
10th June 2011 14:00 Mercury and Venus in a Box: Taking Spectroscopy of Planetary Analog Materials to Extreme Temperatures Print Abstract Joern Helbert, DLR-Institut fuer Planetenforschung, Berlin, Germany Einstein
20th May 2011 - Caught in the Act of Formation - Amino Acids and the Symmetry of life Print Abstract Uwe Meierhenrich, University of Nice, France Dance Room
19th May 2011 11:00 The Antikythera Mechanism Print Abstract Mike Edmunds Cardiff University, Wales, UK Newton - COLLOQUIUM
6th May 2011 14:00 Reconstructing the Massive Black Hole Cosmic History Through Gravitational Waves Print Abstract Alberto Sesana, Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam-Golm, DE Einstein
15th April 2011 - Modelling the Earths Magnetosphere for Science and Space Weather Print Abstract Jimmy Raeder, University of New Hampshire, USA Dance Room
8th April 2011 15:00 Dust in Our Galaxy and Nearby Galaxies with Planck Print Abstract Jean-Philippe Bernard, CESR, Toulouse, France Einstein
18th March 2011 15:00 From Filamentary Clouds to Prestellar Cores to the IMF Print Abstract Philippe Andre, CEA, Saclay, France Einstein
4th March 2011 15:00 VLT- X-shooter Print Abstract Lex Kaper, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands Einstein
18th February 2011 15:00 Saturnian Magnetospheric Problems Print Abstract David Southwood, D/SRE Einstein
4th February 2011 - PAHs and the Universe Print Abstract Olivier Berne, Leiden University, Netherlands Einstein
21th January 2011 14:00 Hipparcos - Roemer - Gaia Print Abstract Erik Hoeg, Niels Bohr Inst., Copenhagen, Denmark Einstein
20th January 2011 - Landing Site Selection and Characterization Print Abstract Steve Squyres, Cornell University Newton