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Date Presenter Title
15. Dec Bernard Foing ArtMoonMars & MoonGallery
8. Dec Nicolas Crouzet A summer campaign at the Concordia station in Antarctica
1. Dec --- SSW #13 - Virtual Edition
24. Nov Claudia Masciulli JWST and EXCITE: advancing spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres
17. Nov Sarah Joiret Heat Effect of Meteorite Impacts on the Degassing of Methane Trapped in Mars' Icy Soil
10. Nov Elise Knutsen Using MEX and Rosetta spacecraft housekeeping data for Space Weather Monitoring
3. Nov Jos de Bruijne Gaia’s view of open clusters
27. Oct Oliver Hall Intro to asteroseismology in main sequence, sub-giant, and red giant stars
20. Oct Marie Liis Aru Gaia as a micro-meteoroid detector
13. Oct Charlotte Götz Aurora at 67P
6. Oct Pedro Guilherme Garcia Analysing stellar clusters' internal kinematics using Gaia DR2
29. Sep Tereza Jerabkova Salpeter, The stellar initial mass function and lessons from weighing your dogs
22. Sep Francois Mernier Dragonfly 44 (...and the dark matter content of ultra-diffuse galaxies)
14. July Charlotte Götz Wernher von Braun: From Lunetta to Luna
7. July Sandor Kruk Outreach and public engagement during a pandemic
23. June Jos de Bruijne Pi(e) in the Sky
26. May Csilla Orgel Oxia Planum: the landing site for the 2022 ExoMars “Rosalind Franklin” Rover Mission
19. May Alice Zocchi Recent news from old stellar systems
28. April Oliver Jennrich An asymmetric BH-binary detected by LIGO
21. April Elliot Sefton-Nash Leftovers from a Mars Apocalypse
14. April Johannes Benkhoff The BepiColombo Earth flyby - Rationale and first results
7. April Francois Mernier Discovery of a giant fossil cavity in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster (Giacintucci et al. 2020)
10. Mar. Olivier Witasse The Huygens's spin anomaly
3. Mar. Francois Mernier Does gravity really exist? Clues from galaxy clusters (ZuHone & Sims 2019)
25. Feb.
Matteo Guainazzi
The quest for dual and binary supermassive black holes: A multi-messenger view (De Rosa et al. 2020)
18. Feb. Hans Huybrighs A measurement of water vapour amid a largely quiescent environment on Europa (Paganini et al. 2019)
11. Feb. Iga Kaczmarek X-ray physics in Cultural Heritage
4. Feb. Olivier Witasse The search for a subsurface ocean in Ganymede with Hubble Space Telescope observations of its auroral ovals (Saur et al. 2015)
28. Jan. Daniel Michalik The Gemini Planet Imager Exoplanet Survey: Dynamical Mass of the Exoplanet beta Pictoris b from Combined Direct Imaging and Astrometry (Nielsen et al 2019)
21. Jan. Rens van der Zwaard Studying the corona to learn about its effects on the Earth's climate: the mystery of the bright points
14. Jan. --- RF Jamboree
3. Dec. Lina Hadid Polarization electrostatic field in the presence of negatively charged grains: implications for dust levitation near Saturn's F ring
26 Nov. Charlotte Goetz Comet Interceptor - a mission to a dynamically new comet
19. Nov. Ciro Pinto A quiet galaxy cluster? And yet it moves!
12. Nov. N/A SSW Aranjuez
5. Nov. Nicolas Crouzet Nobel Prize!! And some of my tiny contribution to exoplanet science (Radius: 1.37 RJup, Mass: 0.71 MJup, Name: XO-7 b, Type: Transiting hot Jupiter, Particularity: second companion on a wide orbit)
29. Oct. Ottaviano Ruesch The impact origin and evolution of Chryse Planitia on Mars revealed by buried craters
22. Oct. Detlef Koschny Little Detlef discovers the Cosine
15. Oct. Hans Huybrighs Evidence of Europa Neutral Gas Torii From Energetic Sulfur Ion Measurements (Nenon and Andre 2019)
8. Oct. Oliver Lomax A brief introduction to numerical weather prediction
1. Oct. Arvind Parmar Measuring the Scientific Performance of ESA's Science Missions
24. Sep. Sandor Kruk Tales from the Romanian Science Festival
3. Sep. Joe Zender The 2019 total solar eclipse in Chile
27. Aug. Victoria Grinberg Deciphering wind accretion in high mass X-ray binaries
13. Aug. William Pearson Effect of galaxy mergers on star formation rates
6. Aug. Oliver Lomax A tale of two clusters: dynamical history determines disc survival in Tr14 and Tr16 in the Carina Nebula (Reiter et al. 2019)
30. Jul. Alice Zocchi Kinematical evolution of multiple stellar populations in star clusters (Tiongco et al. 2019)
23. Jul. Olivier Witasse The first recordings of Marsquakes
16. Jul. Maria Lomaeva Abundances of disk and bulge giants from high-resolution optical spectra III. Sc, V, Cr, Mn, Co, Ni (Lomaeva et al. 2019)
9. Jul. Ottaviano Ruesch Evidence of thrust faulting and widespread contraction of Ceres (Ruiz et al. 2019)
2. Jul. Eero Vaher Self-organizing maps
25. Jun. Charles Townsend-Rose Simulation of Binary Microlensing Events for Application to Extrasolar Planet Detection
18. Jun. Ciro Pinto How do black holes shape galaxies? ATHENA will give your the answer!
11. Jun. Joana Oliveira Magnetic Mineralogy of the Mercurian lithosphere (Strauss et al. 2016)
4. Jun. Michele Armano From Gravitational Waves to Ground Waves: Passive Seismic Data Analysis for Oil Prospecting
28. May. Volodymyr Kudriashov Preliminary System Design for Event Horizon Imaging from Polar Medium Earth Orbits
21. May. Roberta Carini Star formation in the young cluster NGC 330
14. May. Hanno Mueller 417 days in Antarctica
7. May.  
----moved ----
30. Apr. Alice Zocchi Rotating globular clusters in the Gaia era (Ibata et al., 2019; Sollima et al., 2019; Bianchini et al., 2018)
23. Apr.   Easter break
16. Apr. Daniel Michalik The first M87 Event Horizon Telescope Results
9. Apr. Sandor Kruk The largest integral field spectroscopic survey - the SDSS-IV MaNGA survey of nearby galaxies
2. Apr. Nicolas Crouzet An overview of exoplanet atmosphere observations
26. Mar. Hans Huybrighs Europa's water vapour plumes
19. Mar. Joana Oliveira Lunar Swirl Morphology Constrains the Geometry, Magnetization, and Origins of Lunar Magnetic Anomalies
12. Mar. Janine Pforr Predictive Inequity in Object Detection
5. Mar. Ciro Pinto Why it's so much fun beyond the Eddington limit?
26. Feb. Ottaviano Ruesch Europlanet: a community for planetary science
19. Feb. Oliver Jennrich The new SI
12. Feb. Christina Schoettler Making runaway stars: the ejection of stars from young clusters in simulations and observations
5. Feb. Erik Kuulkers Apollo 15/16 X-ray observations: small step for (wo)man, but giant leap for a scientist
29. Jan. Lisa Pettibone Artistic research inspired by gravitational lensing and the Euclid mission
22. Jan. Mario Cypko ESA's Human Research Activities
15. Jan. Oliver Lomax RCW 120: A possible case of hit and run, elucidated by multi temperature dust mapping
8. Jan. Jos de Brujine Your credit card pin code
18. Dec. Olivier Witasse Radar evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars
11. Dec. Guido de Marchi The ultraviolet extinction properties of the 30 Dor Nebula
4. Dec. Matteo Guainazzi Sibasish et al. 2018: A study of X-ray emission of galaxies hosting molecular outflows (MOX sample)
27. Nov. Jurjen de Jong Benford's law in astrometry
20. Nov. Eero Vaher Catching a planet
13. Nov. Anniek Gloudemans

My October 2018 observation campaign on La Palma

30. Oct. Sandor Kruk How to build your own citizen science project and ask 1 million people to help with your research
23. Oct. Janine Pforr Destination Star Trek
16. Oct. Joana Oliveira BepiColombo
9. Oct. Daniel Michalik

A Gaia DR2 view of white dwarfs in the Hyades

2. Oct. Alice Zocchi A dynamically young and perturbed Milky Way disk (Antoja et al. 2018)
25. Sep. Ottaviano Ruesch Impressions from the 2018 European Planetary Science Conference
18. Sep. Daniel Michalik 100000 penguins say "Welcome back"
17. Jul. Joana Oliveira An historical overview of the Hermean Magnetic field
05. Jun. Janine Pforr The abundance of satellite galaxies in the inner region of LambdaCDM Milky Way sized haloes
12. Jun. Benjamin Torn Conceptual Design and Technology Roadmap for a Lunar Space Elavator
19. Jun. Buffer slot  
26. Jun. Lucile Turc From ion scales tolarge scales:  recent results of Vlasiator's global simulations of the Earth's magnetosphere
01. May Buffer slot  
08. May Chrysa Avdellidou Exogenous origin of hydration on asteroid (16) Psyche: the role of hydrated asteroid families
15. May Alice Zocchi Recent updates on the dynamics of globular clusters
22. May Regina Rudawska The random walk of cars and their collision probabilities with planets
29. May Owen Roberts Electron magnetic reconnection without ion coupling in Earth's turbulent magnetosheath
03. Apr. Buffer slot  
10. Apr. Maria Martinez-Chicharro Evidence of Compton cooling during an X-ray flare supports a neutron star nature of the compact object in 4U1700-37
17. Apr. Meiert Grootes 'A galaxy lacking dark matter' and subsequent discussion incl. social media
24. Apr. Ottaviano Reusch Primordial clays on Mars formed beneath a steam or supercritical atmosphere
06. Mar. Owen Roberts Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in the Earth’s Magnetosheath: Estimation of the Energy Cascade Rate Using in situ Spacecraft Data
13. Mar. Daniel Michalik Discovery of a brown dwarf companion to the star HIP 64892
20. Mar. Alice Zocchi Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters
27. Mar. Joanna Oliveira cancelled
06. Feb. Bruno Ribeiro Shaping up galaxies in the early Universe
13. Feb. Floriane Cangemi High Polarization of Cygnus X-1
20. Feb. Regina Rudawska A two-population sporadic meteoroid bulk density distribution and its implications for environment models
27. Feb. Victoria Grinberg Alternative explanations for extreme supersolar iron abundances inferred from the energy spectrum of Cygnus X-1
09. Jan. Victoria Grinberg Big science with small telescopes: constraining the jet in the X-ray binary V 404 Cyg with Wheaton College Observatory's 0.3 m telescope
16. Jan. Joanna Oliveira Iron Abudances in Lunar Impact Basin Melt Sheets From Orbital Magnetic Field Data
23. Jan. Ottaviano Reusch The vanishing cryovolcanoes of Ceres
30. Jan. Alice Zocchi The complex kinematics of rotating star clusters in a tidal field
17. Jan. Jacopo Chevallard cancelled
24. Jan. Lucile Turc Evidence for transient, local ion foreshocks caused by dayside magnetopause reconnection
31. Jan. Oliver Jennrich Report on Staff Engagement Survey Results
07. Feb. Jacopo Chevellard One Law To Rule Them All: The Radial Acceleration Relation of Galaxies
14. Feb. Janine Pforr A massive, quiescent galaxy at redshift of z=3.717
21. Feb. Richard Tuffs Forward Radiation Transfer Modelling of the Galaxy Population in the Era of ALMA, JWST, and EUCLID
28. Feb. Gráinne Costigan Formation of young stars and young scientists
07. Mar. Victoria Grinberg As Above, So Below: Exploiting Mass Scaling in Black Hole Accretion to Break Degeneracies in Spectral Interpretation
14. Mar. Heleen Vos Laboratory and analogue field spectroscopy of minerals, water and biomarkers
21. Mar. Regina Rudawska Meteor Shower Detection with Density-Based Clustering
28. Mar. Chryssa Avdellidou Super-catastrophic disruption of asteroids at small perihelion distances
04. Apr. Jack Carlyle Network of sensitive magnetometers for urban studies
11. Apr. Melissa Mirino Multi-instrument data analysis for interpretation of the martian north polar layered deposits
18. Apr. Buffer slot
25. Apr. Ben de Vries An infrared spectral match between GEMS and interstellar grains
02. May. Lia Corrales Inclusion and Diversity in Astronomy
09. May. Owen Roberts The Electron scale turbulent power spectra in the solar wind
16. May. Ilse van de Burgt Nitrogen storage in clay minerals as an indicator of climatic conditions and habitability on early Mars
23. May. Janine Pforr cancelled
30. May. Christopher Tibbs Parameterizing the interstellar dust temperature
06. Jun. Jack Carlyle Reading from 'Laboratorio: Poems from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory'
13. Jun. Regina Rudawska Discovery of a new branch of the Taurid meteoroid stream as a real source of potentially hazardous bodies
20. Jun. Daniela Huppenkothen Improving Candidate Selection for Academic Conferences and Beyond
27. Jun. Meiert Grootes Star Formation Suppression in Compact Group Galaxies: A New Path to Quenching?
04. Jul. Jacopo Chevallard cancelled
11. Jul Stella Reino A Gaia study of the Hyades
18. Jul. Jacopo Chevallard Rotation in [CII]-emitting gas in two galaxies at a redshift of 6.8
25. Jul. Chryssa Avdellidou Identification of a primordial asteroid family constrains the original planetesimal population
01. Aug. Buffer slot  
08. Aug. LEAPS students Special seminar; LEAPS students presentations
15. Aug. Jack Carlyle The Non-linear Growth of the Magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor Instability
22. Aug. Regina Rudawska cancelled
29. Aug. Alice Zocchi Dynamics of Globular Clusters in the Gaia Era
05. Sep. Owen Roberts Preliminary Study of the  Alfven Ratio in the Solar Wind
12. Sep. Regina Rudawska cancelled
19. Sep. Janine Pforr The Galaxy End Sequence
03. Oct. buffer slot
10. Oct. Meiert Grootes Plumbuing the Limits of the Self-Regulated Baryon-Cycle
17. Oct. Jacopo Chevellard End of Fellowship Review
24. Oct. buffer slot
31. Oct. Janine Pforr The stellar mass growth and stellar ages of galaxies: observations versus simulations
07. Nov. Joanna Oliveira Testing the axial dipole hypothesis for the Moon by modeling the direction of crustial magnetization
14. Nov. buffer slot  
21. Nov. Alice Zocchi Three candidate double clusters in the LMC: truth or dare
28. Nov. Meiert Grootes Missing Baryons in the Cosmic Web revealed by the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect
05. Dec. Owen Roberts Turbulent mass transfer caused by vortex induced reconnection in collisionless magnetospheric plasmas
11. Dec RF Jamboree No Semniar
19. Dec. Faculty Workshop No Seminar
12. Jan. Regina Rudawska (P) Solar wind sputtering of dust on the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
19. Jan. Christopher Tibbs (P) KIC 8462852 Faded at an Average Rate of 0.17 mag Per Century From 1890 To 1989
26. Jan. Christian Schneider (P) Accreting protoplanets in the LkCa 15 transition disk
2. Feb. Carlo Manara (F) Protoplanetary disks with ALMA
9. Feb. Teresa Antoja (P) Imprints of Radial Migration on the Milky Way's Metallicity Distribution Functions
16. Feb. Meiert Grootes (P) ISM masses and the star formation law at Z = 1 to 6 // ALMA observations of dust continuum in 145 galaxies in the COSMOS survey field
23. Feb. Ben de Vries (P) Fingerprints of giant planets in the photospheres of Herbig stars
1. Mar. Oliver Jennrich (P) Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger
8. Mar. Lucile Turc (P) Global impacts of a Foreshock Bubble: Magnetosheath, magnetopause and ground-based observations
15. Mar. Owen Roberts (P) Coherent events and spectral shape at ion kinetic scales in the fast solar wind turbulence
22. Mar. Jacopo Chevallard (P) A Remarkably Luminous Galaxy at z=11.1 Measured with Hubble Space Telescope Grism Spectroscopy
29. Mar Easter Break
4. April Stefanie Raetz (P) Constraints on the location of a possible 9th planet derived from the Cassini data
12. Apr. Buffer Slot
19. Apr. Carlo Manara (P) Ringed Substructure ans a gap at 1 au in the nearest Protoplanetary Disk
26. Apr. Buffer slot
03. May. Beatriz Sanchez-Cano (F) Coromal Mass Ejections
10. May. Jacopo Chevallard (P) Directly Observing the Galaxies Likely Responsible for Reionization
17. May. Meiert Grootes (F) How self-regulated is star formation in central galaxies?
24. May. All RF benefits / preparation for DG visit
31. May. Lucile Turc (P) Pluto's interaction with the solar wind
07. Jun. Louise Nielsen (P) Temperate Earth-sized planets transiting a nearby ultracool dwarf star and
Habitable worlds with JWST: transit spectroscopy of the TRAPPIST-1 system?
14. Jun. Christopher Tibbs (P) Multi-scale Planck corrections to Herschel dust continuum emission maps: Implications for column density and temperature maps
21. Jun. Regina Rudawska (P) Plasma clouds associated with Comet P/Borrelly dust impacts
28. Jun. Ben de Vries (P) Likely detection of water-rich asteroid debris in a metal-polluted white dwarf
05. Jul. Regina Rudawska (P) Three-body resonance in meteoroid streams
8. Jul. Ignacio Mendigutía (F) Accretion onto low and intermediate mass stars
12. Jul. Zoe Faes Accretion of Phobos and Deimos in an extended debris disc stirred by transient moons
19. Jul. Maria Giulia Ubeira Gabellini (University of Milan/STScI) The sub-stellar mass function in the Orion Cluster
26. Jul. Marie Curie Presentation
02. Aug. Stefanie Raetz (P) Direct Imaging discovery of a second planet candidate around the possibly transiting planet host CVSO 30
09. Aug. Lucile Turc (P) Observations of an extreme storm in interplanetary space caused by successive coronal mass ejections
16. Aug. Morten Andersen (P) Extended star formation in Westerlund 1
23. Aug. Owen Roberts (P) A proton-cyclotron wave storm generated by unstable proton distribution functions in the Solar wind
30. Aug. Buffer slot
06. Sep. Ben de Vries (P/F) Transient dust in warm debris disks. Detection of Fe-rich olivine grains
13. Sep. Christian Schneider (P) A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri
20. Sep. Stefanie Raets (F) The Sept. 1st. annular solar eclipse
27. Sep. Meiert Grootes (P) Deep learning, Neural Networks, and Galaxy Morphology
4. Oct. Christopher Tibbs (P) Spacecraft traveling with a large fraction of the speed of light - Interactions with insterstellar dust
11. Oct. Jacopo Chevallard (P) SDSS IV MaNGA - Spatially resolved diagnostic diagrams: A proof that many galaxies are LIERs.
18. Oct. Meiert Grootes The Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS): Mrk 1018 returns to the shadows after 30 years as a Seyfert 1
25. Oct. Owen Roberts Turbulence Heating ObserveR (THOR) - satellite mission proposal
01. Nov. Ben de Vries The abundance and thermal history of water ice in the disk surrounding HD 142527 from the DIGIT Herschel Key Program
08. Nov. ESA Science Workshop
15. Nov. Regina Rudawska Acceleration of individual, decimetre-sized aggregates in the lower coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
22. Nov.

Maria Pfeifer, Senior curator at Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz

Aoife van Linden Tol, Artist, recipient of ESA/Ars Electronica art-science residency

Art Science Seminar
29. Nov. Janine Pforr Quantitative Evaluation of Gender Bias in Astronomical Publications from Citation Counts
06. Dec. RF Jamboree No Seminar
13. Dec. Aoife Ryan Large-Scale Vortices at the Earth’s Magnetopause during Extreme Solar Events
29. Sept. C. Schneider (F) Protoplanetary disk eclipses
6. Oct. L. Turc (P) Disc dark matter in the Galaxy and potential cycles of extraterrestrial impacts, mass extinctions and geological events
13. Oct. No presentation (JWST workshop)
20. Oct. C. Tibbs (F) Galaxy SEDs
27. Oct. No presentation (Accretion-outflow workshop)
3. Nov. O. Roberts (P) Turbulence in the solar wind measured with comet tail test particles
10. Nov. No presentation SRE Science Workshop 8
17. Nov. C. Manara (P) Accretion-induced variability links young stellar objects, white dwarfs, and black holes
24. Nov. New RF candidates
1. Dec. J. Chevallard (P) Extended Lyman alpha haloes around individual high-redshift galaxies revealed by MUSE
8. Dec. O. Roberts (F) Vortices in the solar wind
15. Dec. S. Raetz