SSO Open Seminars - 2009 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract Speaker Room
23 January 2009 15:00 Planetary Exospheres Print Abstract F. Leblanc, CNRS/Trieste Einstein
20 February 2009 15:00 The ESA Meteoroid Model Print Abstract V. Dikarev, Univ. Bielefeld Einstein
06 March 2009 15:00 Feasibility of a Laser-driven Hypertelescope Flotilla at L2 Print Abstract A. Labeyrie, Observatoire de la CŸte d'Azur Einstein
03 April 2009 15:00 Applications of Ground-Based Infrasound and Seismology in Planetary Science Print Abstract K. Evers, KMNI Einstein
24 April 2009 15:00 The Halo of the Milky Way Print Abstract A. Helmi, Kapteyn Inst. Newton 1
8 May 2009 15:00 Pulsars, Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves Print Abstract G. Woan, Glasgow University Dance Room
5 June 2009 15:00 Spectroscopy of Asteroids and Physical Ephemerides Print Abstract M. Birlan, Observatoire de Paris Dance Room
19 June 2009 15:00 LISA Sources Print Abstract F. Haardt, Univ. Subria Einstein
03 July 2009 15:00 Sedimentary Rocks on Mars Print Abstract A. Rossi, ISSI Einstein
18 September 2009 15:00 Towards a Comprehensive Picture of Star Cluster Birth, Evolution, and Destruction Print Abstract S. Larsen, University of Utrecht. Erasmus Auditorium
16 October 2009 15:00 The Sun and Stars as the Primary Energy Input in Planetary Atmospheres Print Abstract I. Ribas, Barcelona University Erasmus Auditorium
30 October 2009 15:00 Archaean Life Signatures in Rocks Print Abstract F. Westall, CNRS Newton 1
13 November 2009 15:00 Earth's Radiation Belts and the Role of Waves Print Abstract O. Santolik, Charles University, Prague Newton 1
27 November 2009 15:00 Numerical Simulations of Star Formation Print Abstract M. Bate, Exeter University Dance Room
11 December 2009 15:00 Comparison Between Jovian and Saturnian Moons Print Abstract F. Sohl, DLR Einstein