Willem Wamsteker Library

About the Willem Wamsteker Library

The Willem Wamsteker library is the common library of ESA and CAB. It is located in D250, with an internal phone extension, 70174

The ESAC librarian is Gloria Minerva Garcia Conesa.

Please contact the library via this web form, which is common to all ESA Libraries, so please remember to reference ESAC and/or Gloria in any requests.

The library premises are always open. Users can freely consult basic documents or browse hard-copy journals. Please fill in the "ESAC library loan book" on-site if you wish to borrow a book.

Gloria is available in the library Tuesday and Thursday from 09:00 to 13:00 (subject to change on holidays or other special occasions).

Library Quick-start Guide

For those new to ESA libraries, there are five main services provided to search for, browse and request journals and books:

             A list of available online journals can be found on


  1. Journals:

    • Online journals: The majority of periodicals subscribed to by the ESA libraries are automatically available online, in their full-text and with extensive back-issues. Includes the "Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy", "Astrophysical Journal" and "Nature" and many others.
    • Printed journals: ESAC library receives the following printed journals
      • New Scientist
      • Scientific American
      • Sky & Telescope
      • Space News
      • Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (PASP)
      • Astronomía
      • Latitude5
    • Circulation list: If you would like to receive each printed issue of a particular journal, join the circulation list (email, call or visit Gloria for more information). Once the library receives a new issue of a journal, each member on the circulation list will receive the copy in turn, keeping it for three days, before it moves on to the next member. The process is very easy, with the copies moving from one member to the next via the internal mail.
  2. Search:
    Use the online search form to see if ESA has the book, and in which library it is located.

  3. Visit:
    If both you and the required book are at ESAC, visit the library at any time:

    • Fill in the "ESAC library loan book" form to take the book out.
    • During librarian working hours, Gloria is available for guidance, and may even bring an available book to you.
  4. Request:
    For books available at other ESA libraries, fill in the request form, and it will be delivered as soon as possible.

  5. Purchase:
    If the book is not available at any ESA library, you can request that the library purchases the book using the request form, but including in "Additional Comments" a comment saying that you would like ESA to purchase the book.

further information

The ESA Intranet pages provide further information on ESA's Libraries in general and the Willem Wamsteker Library.