SSO Open Seminars - 2012 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
14th December 2012 15:00 New Materials For radiation Detection and Measurement Print Abstract Alan Owens (TEC-SN) Einstein
30th November 2012 15:00 Abiotic methane from low temperature serpentinization: Earth vs Mars Print Abstract Dr. Giuseppe Etiope (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Roma) Einstein
16th November 2012 15:00 Comparative Interiors of Planets Print Abstract Dr. Doris Breuer (DLR) Einstein
02nd November, 2012 15:00 Alignment of galaxies and weak gravitational lensing Print Abstract Dr. Bjoern Malte Schaefer (University of Heidelberg, Germany) Einstein
19th October, 2012 15:00 The Chromosphere of the Sun Print Abstract Prof. Rob Rutten (Inst. for Theoretical Astrophysics, Oslo) Einstein
05th October, 2012 15:00 The role of star clusters in star formation, galaxy evolution and the growth of cosmic structures Print Abstract Dr. Diederik Kruijssen (Max-Planck-Inst. for Astrophysik, Germany) Newton 1
22nd June 2012 15:00 Sulfur and Carbon Cycles in the Icy Moons of Jupiter Print Abstract Gianni Strazzulla (INAF) Newton 1
8th June 2012 15:00 Supernova Cosmology Print Abstract Dr. Bruno Leibundgut (ESO) Newton 1
25th May 2012 15:00 Titan, a prebiotic chemistry and exobiology laboratory Print Abstract Dr. Francois Raulin (University Paris-Est Creteil) Newton 1
11th May 2012 15:00 Surveying the Galactic Disc in H-Alpha Print Abstract Dr. Janet Drew (University of Hertfordshire) Newton 2
27th April 2012 15:00 Large Molecules and Nanograins in Spaces Print Abstract Dr. Alexander Tielens (Leiden Observatory) Newton 2
13th April 2012 15:00 Blue Stragglers and Binary Stars in Open Clusters Print Abstract Dr. Aaron Geller (Nothwestern University, USA) Einstein
30th March, 2012 15:00 Physical Sciences Research in Space in the Framework of the Elips Programme Print Abstract Dr. Olivier Minster (Physical Science Unit, D/HSO) Einstein
09th March, 2012 15:00 Galaxy Evolution as seen by Herschel/Shining (postponed from Dec. 2011) Print Abstract Dr. Eckhard Sturm (MPI) Newton 1
24th February, 2012 15:00 Planck Print Abstract Dr. Nabila Aghanim (IAS) Einstein
10th February, 2012 15:00 Aurora related emissions across the Solar System and beyond Print Abstract Dr. Robert Mutel (Iowa University) Einstein
3rd February, 2012 15:00 What do we really know about dark energy? Print Abstract Dr. Ruth Durrer (Geneva University) Einstein
20th January, 2012 15:00 Direct sampling of the interstellar gas with IBEX Print Abstract Dr. Peter Wurz (Bern University) Newton 1