Weekly Seminars


From 2021 onwards, the ESAC Seminars and ESTEC Open/Internal Seminars joined together to form a single SCI-S Seminar series.
Please contact the SCI-S seminar organisers if you plan on giving a SCI-S seminar.
SCI-S seminars Thursdays 15:00h   (1 hour) Seminar Organising Committee
ESTEC breakfast seminars Tuesdays 09:45h   (30 mins) Francois Mernier & Katja Fahrion
ESAC seminars

Superceded by
SCI-S seminars
from 2021

 Thursdays 15:00h  
ESTEC open seminars  Fridays 11:00h  
ESTEC internal seminars  Fridays 11:00h  


All times in CET/CEST for winter/summer respectively




SSW15 (2022, Netherlands)
SSW14 (2021, Aranjuez & Virtual)
SSW13 (2020, online only)
Archive of all SSWs


Conferences and Workshops

SCI conferences - external conferences organised by SCI
Internal workshops


Faculty Assemblies and Jamborees

ESAC, ESTEC and joint Faculty assemblies
ESAC Faculty Jamborees
ESTEC Faculty Jamborees
ESAC Trainee Alumni Meetings