SSO Open Seminars - 2017 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
15th December 2017 11:00 Gravitational Lensing Print Abstract Arnold Hanslmeier, University of Graz, Austria Escape Dance Room
1st December 11:00 Polarimetry as a tool for characterizing planets and exoplanets Print Abstract Daphne Stam, Delft University of Technology Newton 1
17th November 11:00 Hypervelocity stars in the Gaia Era Print Abstract Elena Rossi, Leiden Observatory Newton 1
3rd November 11:00 Advanced bibliometrics: methods and tools from research evaluation at CWTS, Leiden University Print Abstract Ed Noijons, Leiden University Newton 1
20th October 11:00 Medical Research at the Concordia Antarctic Station Print Abstract Beth Healey Newton 1
6th October 11:00 Testing fundamental physics with atomic clocks Print Abstract Pacome Delva, Observatoire de Paris Escape Dance Room
8th September 11:00 Gullies on Mars the roles of dry ice and water in their formation: insights from remote sensing, laboratory simulation and climate modelling Print Abstract Susan Conway, Open University, UK Einstein
16th June 2017 11:00 1. Science from the SKA
2. The SKA as a Super Ground Station: Live Video from Anywhere in the Solar System
Print Abstract Tyler Bourke and Adriaan Schutte, SKA Organisation Einstein
9th June 2017 11:00 Dwarf galaxies as local laboratories to study the interplay between star formation and the low metallicity environment. Print Abstract Suzanne Madden, CEA Escape Dance Room
19th May 2017 11:00 The quest for dark matter Print Abstract Gianfranco Bertone, University of Amsterdam Einstein
15th May 2017 ~12:30 [Special Lunchtime Joint Seminar with D/TEC] High Luminosity LHC and next generation Colliders at CERN Print Abstract Prof. Lucio Rossi, CERN Newton 1 & 2
5th May 2017 11:00 An X-ray View of the Dusty Universe Print Abstract Lia Corrales, University of Wisconsin-Madison Einstein
21st April 2017 11:00 Observations of MHD Turbulence in Solar Prominences Print Abstract Andrew Hillier, University of Exeter Escape Dance Room
31st March 2017 11:00 Planck 2016 constraints on reionization history from large scales polarisation Print Abstract Matthieu Tristram, Laboratoire de l'Accélérateur Linéaire Université Paris-Sud Escape Dance Room
17th March 2017 11:00 The Epistemic Challenges of Astrophysics - A Philosophical Perspective Print Abstract Sibylle Anderl , Institut de Planétologie & d'Astrophysique de Grenoble Einstein
3rd March 2017 11:00 Hypervelocity impacts in the Solar System: studies from sub-micron to planetary scales. Print Abstract Mark C. Price, University of Kent, UK Einstein
22nd February 2017 12:00 [Special Lunchtime Seminar] A radio observatory on the Moon, what for? Print Abstract Prof. Joseph Silk, Johns Hopkins Univ. and Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris Einstein
17th February 2017 11:00 Japanese space telescope for planetary science: Hisaki Print Abstract Go Murakami, ISAS/JAXA Einstein
3rd February 2017 11:00 Possible Climates on Terrestrial Exoplanets and Habitability Print Abstract Francois Forget, Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique Escape Dance Room
20th January 2017 11:00 History of the Asteroid Belt Print Abstract Kleomenis Tsiganis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece Einstein