ESAC Seminars - 2017 Programme

Date Title Abstract  Speaker Affiliation Room

Thursday, 10:30h 21 December 2017

Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters: from Weighing the Giants to LSST

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Anja Von der Linden (invited speaker) Stony Brook University, NY, USA B3
Thursday, 10:30h 14 December 2017 Habitable Worlds Around Dark Stars: How TRAPPIST-1 Changes the Search for Life Beyond Earth Print Abstract Adam Burgasser University of California San Diego, CA, USA B3

Friday, 10:30h 24 November 2017

The photometric measurement of variable stars

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Wouter van Reeven &

Petra van der Meijs

ESAC, Madrid, Spain

Freelance, The Netherlands


Thursday, 10:30h 23 November 2017

Kinetic turbulence in collisionless space plasma: observational data analysis and numerical simulations

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Denise Perrone

ESA, ESAC, Madrid, Spain


Thursday, 10:30h 16 November 2017 Is Mars alive? Testing current and past MArs habitability with Sapce Missions and Ground-based Astronomy Print Abstract Geronimo Villanueva NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, MD, USA B5
Thursday, 10:30h 9 November 2017

Arcus: The X-ray Grating Spectrometer Explorer

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Laura Brenneman

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA, USA B3
Monday, 10:30h 6 November 2017

The Nature of Cometary Nuclei – Rosetta a Déjà-vu?

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Horst Uwe Keller

IGEP Universität Braunschweig, Berlin, Germany


Thursday, 10:30h 2 November 2017

First results from the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission  Print Abstract

Benoit Lavraud

Université de Toulouse, France B3
Thursday, 10:30h 26 October 2017 Getting close to black holes with X-ray spectral-timing Print Abstract

Phil Uttley (invited speaker)

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands B3
Thursday, 10:30h 5 October 2017 How does the solar wind interact with each of the giant planets? Print Abstract Adam Masters (invited speaker) Imperial College London, UK B3

Thursday, 10:30h 28 September 2017

Exploration of the Jovian icy moons with JUICE: science objectives and mission profile

Print Abstract Olivier Grasset LPG-Nantes, France B3

Thursday, 10:30h 21 September 2017

The Key to High-Mass Star Formation

Print Abstract Alana Rivera ESA/ESAC, Madrid, Spain B3
Thursday, 10:30h 14 September 2017 The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse  (Images can be used under the terms and conditions of the CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO licence)

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Miguel Perez Ayucar ESA/ESAC, Madrid, Spain B3
Thursday, 10:30h 7 September 2017 Cyclic evolution of misaligned circumstellar disks in Be/X-ray binaries Print Abstract Atsuo Okazaki Hokkai-Gakuen University, Japan B3

Thursday, 10:30h 31 August 2017

Sky Surveys and Big Data

Print Abstract Volker Beckmann CNRS/IN2P3, Paris, France B3
Thursday, 10:30h 27 July 2017 The Galaxy Population in Proto-Clusters as predicted by a Semi-Analytic Model Print Abstract Emanuele Contini Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea B3
Thursday, 10:30h 13 July 2017 Exploring the solar wind turbulence spectrum from fluid to kinetic scales Print Abstract

Roberto Bruno

(invited speaker)

INAF-IAPS,  Rome, Italy B5
Thursday 10:30h 6 July 2017 Off-states and X-ray reprocessing : Two flavours of X-ray binaries Print Abstract

Nafisa Aftab

Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India B3
Friday 10:30h 30 June 2017 Our place in the Cosmos Print Abstract

Mario Livio

(invited speaker)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA D1/D2
Thursday 10:30h 29 June 2017 Null-test with growth data Print Abstract Domenico Sapone Universidad de Santiago, Chile B3
Wednesday, 10:30h 21 June 2017 Legacies of the dust. A multiwavelength study of protoplanetary disks and young exoplanetary systems Print Abstract Ignacio Bustamante Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, Spain B3
Thursday, 10:30h 15 June 2017 Massive stars - binaries, Wolf-Rayets, and the early Universe connection Print Abstract Frank Tramper ESAC/ESA, Madrid, Spain B3

Thursday, 10:30h 1 June 2017

Gone with the Solar Wind: Turbulence, Intermittency, and Energy Dissipation in Space Plasmas

Print Abstract Luca Sorriso University of Calabria, Italy B3

Thursday, 10:30h 25 May 2017

Modeling hot star atmospheres: The current and the next generation

Print Abstract Andreas Sander University of Potsdam, Germany B3
Thursday, 10:30h 18 May 2017

Modeling the galaxy halo occupation distribution of Hα emitters in new-generation spectroscopic surveys

Print Abstract Ginevra Favole ESAC/ESA, Madrid, Spain B5

Tuesday, 14:30h 11 April 2017

The TROY Project: Looking for Orbitmates

Print Abstract Jorge Lillo-Box ESO, Chile B3

Thursday, 10:30h 6 April 2017


Print Abstract Yuri Usachev Russian Cosmonaut D1/D2

Thursday, 16:00h 30 March 2017

ESAC Faculty General Assembly

Print Abstract ESAC Faculty Council ESAC/ESA B5

Thursday, 10:30h/14:30h 30 March 2017

Copernicus for Scientists (Parts I and II)

Print Abstract Koryo Okumura Service d'Astrophysique, CEA-Saclay, France B3

Thursday, 10:30h 23 February 2017

Multi-wavelength spectroscopic observations of gas in YSO: dynamics and spatial distribution

Print Abstract Pablo Riviere-Marichalar ESAC/ESA, Madrid, Spain B3

Thursday, 10:30h 16 February 2017

Benchmarking transition energies and emission strengths for X-ray astrophysics with measurements at the Livermore EBITs

Print Abstract Natalie Hell Dr. Karl Remeis-Observatory / ECAP, Erlangen-Nürnberg University, Germany B3

Thursday, 10:30h 9 February 2017

GALANTE: finding all the Galactic O+B+WR stars in the northern hemisphere… and more

Print Abstract Jesús Maíz Apellániz Centro de Astrobiología, INTA-CSIC, Madrid, Spain B3

Thursday, 10:30h 2 February 2017

University in a Digital Age

Print Abstract HTML Manuel Sanjurjo-Rivo Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain B3

Friday, 10:00h 27 January 2017

Space Weather : The role of cold ions on magnetic reconnection at the terrestrial magnetopause

Print Abstract Jérémy Dargent Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas, Paris, France / Institut de Recherche en Astrophysique et Planétologie, Université de Toulouse (UPS), France A24

Thursday, 10:30h 26 January 2017

Modeling the physics of plasma plumes in electric propulsion

Print Abstract Mario Merino Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain B5