About the ESAC Faculty

The ESAC Faculty was created in 2006 in order to foster an effective scientific environment at ESAC, and to to present a united face to the scientific work done at the centre. The faculty includes all active (i.e. publishing papers) research scientists at ESAC: ESA staff, Research Fellows, Science Contractors, and LAEFF members. For an insight into the founding principles, see the Overview of the ESAC Faculty presentation given at the first assembly.

The ESAC Faculty's main purpose is to stimulate and promote science activities at ESAC. For this it maintains an active and attractive visitor programme for short-to-medium term collaborative stays at ESAC, covering established researchers as well as young post-docs, PhD and graduate students. The Faculty also supports visiting seminar speakers, conferences, workshops and travel not possibly via normal mission budgets.

ESAC Faculty members pursue their own research (as per the scientific interests of individual members), but are also involved in numerous internal and external collaborations (overview of Faculty Science at ESAC). Faculty members are also strongly involved in the ESAC Trainee programme.

The ESAC Faculty is led by an elected Sentinel and Council.

The high resolution ESA Faculty logo can be found here.