Faculty Science

The ESA Faculty contains many ESA staff, Research Fellows and contractors at ESAC in Madrid. The CAB department of astrophysics (also located on the ESAC site) also has many ESAC Faculty members. There are also opportunities for university students to work on research projects as ESAC Trainees.

Faculty Research Areas

The ESAC Faculty are active in a wide range of scientific field, and maintain collaborations with many individuals and institutes outside ESA. Several broad topics have specific research groups coordinated by Faculty members:


Planetary Sciences:

Many of the spacecraft missions/groups host active research covering a wide range of science themes relevant to the particular instrumentation.

Other research-related initiatives at ESAC are:


ESA Research AT STScI

ESA scientists based at Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore (USA) work alongside the many world-class scientits at the home of Hubble and Webb.