Mars science research at ESA spans the ESTEC and ESAC sites. Members of the ESA Mars community work collectively on various aspects of Mars science. Many activities take advantage of synergies between the Mars Express and ExoMars Science Operations, Project Science and Research communities.

The goal of this research focus is to cover ESA's various activities in support of the scientific teams accross Europe, not only as part of internal efforts (Science Ground Segment at ESAC and Project activities at ESTEC), but also in the ongoing collaborations with various external institutions. Various ESA-led or other international projects include:

 - UPWARDS H2020 project, (IAA, BIRA, ROB, INAF, Open Univ., etc)

 - Mars Express VMC Scientific and Technical Exploitation (EHU-UPV, MADPS Bern)

 - Mars Express MARSIS High Level Data processing (EPFL, INAF)

 - Collaboration between Mars-Express and ExoMars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter (BIRA, Latmos, IKI, ISSI, DLR, etc..)

This page is maintained by Alejandro Cardesin and Elliot Sefton-Nash. The ESA Mars science community includes: