Research Fellows

Dedicating 100% of their time at ESA to pure research, the ESA Research Fellows are a cornerstone of the ESAC scientific community.

If you want to know more about RFs at ESAC please contact the ESAC Research Fellowship Coordinator (Currently Jan-Uwe Ness) or Faculty Sentinel for further details.

Alumni Portal

A list of former ESAC Research Fellows can be found in the Alumni Portal

Current ESAC Research Fellows


William Alston X-ray astronomy
Time series analysis
Accretion and feedback physics
Signatures of strong gravity
Machine learning and statistics
Nuria Alvarez AGN
X-ray astronomy
Ines Belgacem Icy moons
Remote sensing
​​​​​​​Image processing
Georgina Graham Heliophysics
Solar Wind
Plasma Physics
Alexander James The Sun
Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)
Space Weather
Nils Janitzek Space Plasma In-Situ Measurements
Solar Wind
Solar Energetic Particles
Space Weather
Emilia Järvelä AGN
Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies
Multiwavelength observations
Andrew Lobban X-ray data analysis
Ultra-fast outflows from AGN
Spectroscopy and timing analysis of black hole systems
Multiwavelength variability studies of AGN
Lyndsay Old Galaxy clusters
Galaxy evolution
Large-scale structure
Emily Rickman
Brown dwarfs
Direct imaging and emission spectroscopy
Proper motion anomalies in astrometry
Martin Voelker Planetary geology
Planetary surface processes
Remote sensing



The Research Fellow Experience at ESAC

Quotes from former RFs on their time at ESA(C):

"Warm and friendly work environment, with colleagues ready to help out"
"Good atmosphere among RFs"
"Large freedom in organizing and choosing the topics for your scientific work and no other duties than doing research"
"Excellent trainee and visitor program that enhance (everyone's) research output"
"Lots of sun"
"Many experts on space missions (the science instruments in particular) are present on site and very easily to contact"
"Many opportunities to establish and cultivate research collaborations within and outside ESAC"
"Excellent opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of operating a scientific space mission and the internal workings of a space agency"
"Possibilities to connect with other research organisations in the area, such as LAEFF on the ESAC site"
"Possibility to live in quiet residential areas or in -arguably- one of Europe's most vibrant cities, Madrid"
"Great career booster from well acknowledged fellowship program"
"The faculty consists of members in wide variety of expertise and astrophysical backgrounds, from planetary science to high-energy and infrared astronomy"