ESAC FACulty Research Fellow Mentors

This page lists the key areas of scientific research for members of the ESAC Science Faculty. These ESA staff scientists can all serve as the primary mentors for ESA Research Fellows. Unless otherwise indicated, they are located at ESAC, Madrid. Those marked "STScI" are instead located in Baltimore, USA.

Additional collaboration with other Faculty Members, particular current Research Fellows, on-site contractor scientists and researchers at the Centro de Astrobiología (CAB), is of course also encouraged.

A list of some active research groups is given in the Faculty Science page.

Solar System Studies

Solar and Heliospheric physics Anik De Groof; Helen Middleton; Andrew Walsh; David Williams; Yannis Zouganelis
Solar System Planetary surfaces Patrick Martin
Planetary atmospheres Patrick Martin
Planetary magnetospheres Michael Küppers
Small bodies: asteroids, comets, TNOs Bruno Altieri; Nicolas Altobelli; Mark Kidger; Michael Küppers
Ices in the solar system Nicolas Altobelli
Interplanetary dust Nicolas Altobelli



Exoplanets Bruno Merin
Stellar astronomy Star formation Sarah Kendrew (STScI); Bruno Merin; Marco Sirianni (STScI); Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI); Roland Vavrek
Massive stars Eva Verdugo; Gaia group
Stellar evolution Bruno Merin; Eva Verdugo; Gaia group
Stellar activity Jan-Uwe Ness; Gaia group
Late stages of stellar evolution Pedro Garcia-Lario
Compact objects Black holes Guillaume Belanger; Peter Kretschmar; Nora Lützgendorf (STScI); Norbert Schartel
Neutron stars Guillaume Belanger; Peter Kretschmar
Accretion Disc formation and evolution Norbert Schartel; Eva Verdugo
Cataclysmic Variables Jan-Uwe Ness
X-ray binaries Guillaume Belanger; Peter Kretschmar
Galactic astronomy Interstellar medium and dust Nicolas Altobelli; Xavier Dupac; Matthias Ehle; Sarah Kendrew (STScI); Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI); Roland Vavrek
Galactic centre Guillaume Belanger; Nora Lützgendorf (STScI)
Star clusters and nebulae Nora Lützgendorf (STScI); Antonella Nota (STScI); Gaia group
Stellar kinematics Nora Lützgendorf (STScI)
Novae Jan-Uwe Ness
Supernovae Matthias Ehle
Nearby galaxies Super star clusters Linda Smith (STScI)
Stellar feedback Linda Smith (STScI)
Galactic nuclei Torsten Böker (STScI)
Extragalactic astronomy Galaxy formation Matthias Ehle
Galaxy clusters and protoclusters Bruno Altieri; Matthias Ehle; Tim Rawle (STScI)
Active galactic nuclei (AGN), Seyferts, quasars Guillaume Belanger; Mark Kidger; Maria Santos-Lleo; Norbert Schartel
High-energy astronomy Guillaume Belanger; Matthias Ehle; Maria Santos-Lleo; Norbert Schartel
High redshift galaxies Bruno Altieri; Sarah Kendrew (STScI); Tim Rawle (STScI)
Gravitational lensing: Strong and weak lensing Bruno Altieri; Tim Rawle (STScI)
Cosmic microwave background Xavier Dupac
Cosmology in Astrophysics Cosmology with quasars Norbert Schartel
Cosmology with galaxy clusters Bruno Altieri
Cosmology with CMB Xavier Dupac



Instrument development CCD and CMOS detector technology Ralf Kohley; Marco Sirianni (STScI)
Deformable mirrors Sarah Kendrew (STScI)
Observation methodology
Photometry Bruno Altieri; Ralf Kohley; Bruno Merin; Antonella Nota (STScI); Marco Sirianni (STScI); Linda Smith (STScI); Roland Vavrek
Spectroscopy Matthias Ehle; Pedro Garcia-Lario; Sarah Kendrew (STScI); Peter Kretschmar; Bruno Merin; Nora Lützgendorf (STScI); Jan-Uwe Ness; Antonella Nota (STScI); Tim Rawle (STScI); Norbert Schartel; Marco Sirianni (STScI); Linda Smith (STScI); Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI); Roland Vavrek; Eva Verdugo; David Williams
Time series Guillaume Belanger; Peter Kretschmar
Spatial analysis Matthias Ehle; Sarah Kendrew (STScI); Roland Vavrek
Astrometry Uwe Lammers
Wavelength regimes Radio Luca Conversi; Matthias Ehle; Bruno Merin; Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI)
Infrared Bruno Altieri; Luca Conversi; Pedro Garcia-Lario; Sarah Kendrew (STScI); Nora Lützgendorf (STScI); Bruno Merin; Tim Rawle (STScI); Marco Sirianni (STScI); Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI); Roland Vavrek; Eva Verdugo
Optical Bruno Altieri; Luca Conversi; Ralf Kohley; Nora Lützgendorf (STScI); Bruno Merin; Antonella Nota (STScI); Tim Rawle (STScI); Marco Sirianni (STScI); Linda Smith (STScI); Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI); Roland Vavrek; Eva Verdugo
Ultraviolet Bruno Merin; Antonella Nota (STScI); Linda Smith (STScI); Paule Sonnentrucker (STScI); Eva Verdugo; David Williams
X-ray Bruno Altieri; Guillaume Belanger; Matthias Ehle; Peter Kretschmar; Bruno Merin; Jan-Uwe Ness; Maria Santos-Lleo; Norbert Schartel
Gamma ray Guillaume Belanger; Peter Kretschmar; Bruno Merin
Analysis techniques Bayesian modelling Guillaume Belanger; Bruno Merin
Machine learning Guillaume Belanger; Sarah Kendrew (STScI); Bruno Merin
Citizen science Sarah Kendrew (STScI)


Scientific Applications of GNSS

GNSS and fundamental physics Tests of general relativity Javier Ventura-Traveset
Relativistic positioning

Earth sciences

Ionosphere / space weather
Troposphere / climatology
Geodynamics / gravity field
Metrology Time scales and time transfer
Precise orbit determination