Networking/Partnering Initiative (NPI)


ESA's Networking/Partnering Initiative (NPI) supports work carried out by universities and research institutes on advanced technologies with potential space applications, with the aim of fostering increased interaction between ESA, European universities, research institutes and industry.

By intensifying its interaction with university departments and research institutes, ESA intends to strengthen their links with space institutions and industry. At ESAC, this is done through common research projects of ESAC and a University/Research Institution.


Applications are invited for two posts in Space Science at ESAC, funded by the Science Directorate through the NPI program. PhD students will be co-funded by ESA up to 30000 Euros/year, but not exceeding 50 % of the total cost. These posts are typically for three years, pending sucessful completion of agreed tasks in each year. The NPI programme calls for colocation of the NPI participants for a minimum of six months and a maximum of twelve months. For Science we would spread the six months out over the three years having two one month visits per year which should be largely funded by the university.

The proposing Universities should be registered in the ESA-STAR system before the project can be granted. More information about how to register to this system can be found here.

Proposals submission is now open. To apply, please fill in the proposal template, convert it to PDF and email it to In case you have problems accessing the template, you may request it per email from Michael Küppers.The deadline for proposals is 28th of February, funding is expected to start in autumn 2019. Selection criteria are the scientific excellence of the proposal and the benefit for science at ESA of the proposed research. We encourage applications from financially underreturned countries.


For the NPI program in the Directorate of Technology, Engineering, and Quality (D/TEC), see the main NPI PAGE.


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