SSO Internal Seminars - 2004 Programme

Date Time Speaker Biography Title Room
10 Dec 11 h Sacha Hony Print Biography Using mid-IR for identifying young stars in star-forming regions Fresnel 1
26 Nov 11 h Tanja Zegers Print Biography Field expedition in the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia: early Earth, early Life, early magnetic field; potential as a planetary analogue Fresnel 1
29 Oct 11 h Maria Diaz Trigo Print Biography Explanation of the dipping phenomenon and the narrow absorption features in the spectra of low mass X-ray binaries (LMXRBs) observed by XMM-Newton Escape Dance Hall
15 Oct 11 h Lisa Kaltenegger Print Biography DARWIN and the search for extra-solar planets Fresnel 1
1 Oct 14:30 h Mirjam van Kan Print Biography Geologic evolution of the Gusev crater on Mars Db114
17 Sep 11 h Henrik Spoon Print Biography Probing the dusty nuclei of ULIRGS with Spitzer-IRS ESCAPE
30 Jun 11 h Jorge Sanz Forcada Print Biography Abundances on stellar coronae: are they MAD or FIP biased? ERASMUS Nc321
11 Jun 11 h Torsten Boeker Print Biography The nature of nuclear star clusters in spiral galaxies Fresnel 1
28 May 11 h Xavier Dupac Print Biography Cosmology from the Cosmic Microwave Background fluctuations Fresnel 1
14 May 11 h Stephane Regnier Print Biography Solar Coronal Magnetic Fields and Flares Fresnel 1
29 Apr 11 h Ana Heras Print Biography Optically thin dust shells around oxygen rich AGB stars Fresnel 1
26 Mar 11 h Gaitee Hussain Print Biography Mapping magnetic activity in a young solar-type star Lunch corner 21
12 Mar 11 h Mikael Kilter Print Biography Micropropulsion systems for the DARWIN formation-flying mission Escape YB005
27 Feb 11 h Coralie Neiner Print Biography Be stars and their mysterious phenomenon Fresnel 1
13 Feb 11 h Carlos del Burgo Print Biography An alternative tracer of molecular regions Fresnel 1
30 Jan 10 h Inge Tenkate Print Biography Amino acids under simulated Mars conditions Escape Dance Hall
16th Jan 11 h Peter Papadopoulos (Leiden) Print Biography The CI lines as H2 mass tracers in the distant Universe Fresnel 1