SSO Internal Seminars - 2005 Programme 

Date Time Speaker Biography Title Room
16 Dec 11 h Olga Malandraki Print Biography Energetic Particle Observations by Ulysses during the declining phase of Solar Cycle 23 Fresnel 1
2 Dec 11 h Tra-Mi Ho Print Biography Comparative study of the dust emission of 19P/Borrelly (Deep space 1) and 1P/Halley Fresnel 1
18 Nov 14 h Alvaro Gimenez Print Biography Analysis of the light curve of a planetary transit using tools from eclipsing binaries Einstein
4 Nov 11 h Andres Galvez Print Biography xx Fresnel 1
14 Oct 11 h Stephane Regnier Print Biography Halloween Events 2003 Fresnel 1
30 Sep 11 h Marco Sirianni Print Biography Radiation Damage in HST Detectors Da026
23 Sep 11 h Aurelien Cord Print Biography Martian surface roughness quantification using a combined textural analysis and HRSC data from Mars Express Db124
16 Sep 11 h Ingrid Cnossen Print Biography The habitat of early life: Solar X-ray and UV radiation at Earth's surface 4-3.5 billion years ago Fresnel 1
2 Sep 14 h Luann Becker Print Biography Mass Extinctions and Giant Impacts Einstein
1 Jul 11 h Wing-Fai Thi Print Biography Origin of water in terrestrial planet(s) Newton
17 Jun 11 h Angelo Pio Rossi Print Biography Impact craters and structures in Western Africa Fresnel 1
3 Jun 11 h Christiane Helling Print Biography Understanding substellar atmospheres
More than an extra-solar weather forecast?
Fresnel 1
20 May 11 h Guido De Marchi Print Biography Do we really understand the fate of globular clusters? Fresnel 1
15 Apr 11 h Bjorn Davidsson Print Biography Comet Nucleus Properties and the investigation of cometary Knudsen layers Einstein
1 Apr 11 h Hina Khan Print Biography Cluster in the magnetosphere: Multi-spacecraft observations in the cusp and boundary layers Fresnel 1
11 Mar 11 h Kristin Wirth Print Biography Rosetta Earth Swingby Fresnel 1
11 Feb 11 h Kevin Salt Print Biography A walkthrough of RSSD web services Fresnel 1
28 Jan 14 h Jean-Pierre
Print Biography The Huygens Mission Fresnel 1
14 Jan 11 h Sheila McBreen Print Biography Gamma-ray bursts and black holes Fresnel 1