SSO Internal Seminars - 2006 Programme

Bernard Foing

Date Time Speaker Biography Title Room
15 Dec 11 h Ann Brumfitt Print Biography TBC Fresnel 1
1 Dec 11 h Paul Mason Print Biography How does a geologist contribute to the search for extraterrestrial life? Fresnel 1
17 Nov 11 h   Print Biography TBA TBA
3 Nov 11 h Raymond Hoofs Print Biography Venus Express Science Operations Concept Fresnel 1
20 Oct 11 h Jesus Falcon Barroso Print Biography Peering through the Hubble Sequence with the SAURON Eye: An integral-field study of nearby galaxies Fresnel 1
16 Oct 11 h Tommy Wiklind Print Biography Old galaxies in a young universe: A bonanza for Herschel and JWST? Einstein
23 Jun 11 h Ewine van Dishoeck Print Biography Spitzer observations of star - and planet- forming regions: Ice cold and steaming hot Fresnel 1
2 Jun 11 h Claire Vallat Print Biography Study of the terrestrial ring current using data obtained onboard the Cluster spacecraft Fresnel 1
28 Apr 11 h Nick Cox Print Biography Diffuse interstellar bands: organics in the milky way and beyond Escape Dance Room
18 Apr 11 h Benoit Lavraud Print Biography Solar wind plasma entry and circulation within Earth's magnetosphere Fresnel 1
31 Mar 11 h Peter Woitke Print Biography Smoking Stars: New 2D Models for Dust-driven Winds Fresnel 1
8 Mar 11 h Inga Kamp Print Biography The evolution of protoplanetary disks: boundary conditions for planet formation Ba024
3 Mar 11 h Claudia Isola Print Biography The Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays Fresnel 2
17 Feb   14 h Print Biography SMART-1 Mission results and Future Lunar Exploration Newton 2
3 Feb 11 h Angelo Pio Rossi Print Biography Comparing geological features on Mars and Earth Fresnel 1
23 Jan 11 h Tatjana Tchumatchenko Print Biography Characterisation of the AMIE camera on board SMART1 Fresnel 2
20 Jan 11 h Solen Balman Print Biography Probing Classical Nova Outbursts in the X-rays and Gamma-rays: The Nova Shell of GK Persei (1901)

Fresnel 1

16 Jan 14 h Inge Ten Kate Print Biography Laboratory studies of organic material under simulated martian conditions

Fresnel 2