SSO Internal Seminars - 2007 Programme

Date Time Speaker Biography Title Room
7 Dec 11h Gunther Thorner (SCI-S) Print Abstract Will we ever find the World Formula? Einstein
23 Nov 11h ---- Print Abstract Cancelled Escape Dance Room
9 Nov 11h Arne Asnes (SCI-SM) Print Abstract Magnetic reconnection in the near-Earth magnetotail and acceleration of electrons Einstein
26 Oct 11h Jessica Agarwal (SCI-SM) Print Abstract The dust Trail of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko - Observations and Modelling Escape Dance Room
12 Oct 11h

Jimmy Paillet (SCI-SA)

Print Abstract Could we detect Life on exoplanets? Escape Dance Room
14 Sept 11h Jonathan McAuliffe (SCI-SM) Print Abstract Meteor Physics: From the Red Sea to the Red Planet. Ancient and modern histories of this "fringe" discipline. Escape Dance Room
13 Jul 11h

Roland Trautner (SCI-SO)

Print Abstract Language based Generic Data Pipelines and their Application in Science Operations Centers Concept, Implementation and Lessons Learned Newton 1
22 Jun 11h

Olivier Minster (Head of Physical Sciences Unit - HME)

Print Abstract Physical Sciences in Space as part of ESA's ELIPS programme Einstein
8 Jun 11h

F. Cipriani (RF, SCI- SM)

Print Abstract Production and in situ sounding of Low Energy Neutrals on Mars and Europa Newton 1
25 May 11h Jens Rodmann (RF, SCI-SA) Print Abstract Dynamical modelling of debris disks: Where we stand Fresnel 1
11 May 11h Michael Perryman (SCI - SA) Print Abstract Plans for Exoplanet Detection in Europe Fresnel 2
27 Apr 11h Massimo Bandecchi
(Head of CDF - TEC)
Print Abstract The ESA Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) :Concurrent Engineering applied to the assessment and design of future space missions Fresnel 2
13 Apr 11h ---- Print Abstract RSSD Jamboree Ef 208
30 Mar 11h Ramon Torres (Earth Obs.) Print Abstract Earth Observation Programmes at ESA Fresnel 2
16 Mar 11h

Bruno Merin (RF, SCI-SA)

Print Abstract New Spitzer results in protoplanetary disk evolution and planet formation Fresnel 2
2 Mar 11h

Dario Izzo and
Tamas Vinko(ACT)

Print Abstract Distributed Computing for Global Optimization Fresnel 2
16 Feb 11h Cyril Simon (RF, SCI-SM) Print Abstract The influence of some energetic processes on the ionospheres of planets: protons and doubly-charged ions - Applications to the Earth, Venus, Mars and Titan Einstein
26 Jan 15h Nicolas Andre (RF, SCI-SM) Print Abstract Cassini/Huygens Observations Revealed a Multi-Faceted Magnetosphere at Saturn Einstein