SSO Internal Seminars - 2008 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract Speaker Room
12 Dec 11:00 The ESA Contribution to the International Year of Astronomy Print Abstract Salim Ansari Escape Dance Room
28 Nov 11:00 Cancelled Print Abstract Lugi Cacciapuoti  
14 Nov 11:00 Recent volcanism on Mars: What are the reasons? Print Abstract Sandra Schumacher Escape Dance Room
31 Oct 11:00 Activities in RSSD's 'Meteor Research Group' over the last year Print Abstract Detlef Koschny Escape Dance Room
17 Oct 11:00 The formation history of massive galaxies Print Abstract Mariska Kriek Escape Dance Room
19 Sep 11:00 Wolf-Rayet/Black-Hole X-ray binaries Print Abstract Stefania Carpano Escape Dance Room
1 Jul 11:00 Cosmological Inflation Print Abstract Gunther Thorner Escape Dance Room
27 Jun 11:00 The Virtual Meteor Observatory: a database of 2.5 million meteors Print Abstract Geert Barentsen Newton
13 Jun 11:00 On the link between asteroids and meteorites Print Abstract Pierre Vernazza Escape Dance Room
30 May 11:00 Herschel Mission Overview and Key Programmes Print Abstract Göran Pilbratt Escape Dance Room
16 May 11:00 Ongoing Research on Lunar basins Print Abstract Bernard Foing Wormhole
9 May 11:00 ESA's Magnetic Field Mission SWARM Print Abstract Roger Haagmans Einstein
18 Apr 11:00 JWST Print Abstract Peter Jakobsen Einstein
4 Apr 11:00 Is Mercury a larger Moon? Print Abstract Ruth Ziethe Fr413
7 Mar 11:00 The Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer Print Abstract Mark R. Drinkwater Einstein
22 Feb 11:00 The LISA Pathfinder Mission Print Abstract Paul McNamara Einstein
8 Feb 11:00 Cluster Active Archive Print Abstract Harri Laakso Einstein
25 Jan 11:00 Gaia: A Stereoscopic Census of our Galaxy Print Abstract Timo Prusti Einstein