SSO Internal Seminars - 2009 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract Speaker Room
18 Dec 11:00 What's the best planet for a Christmas Concert? Print Abstract Ruth Ziethe Einstein
04 Dec 11:00 TBD Print Abstract Lugi Cacciapuoti Einstein
06 Nov 11:00 Modelling Gradual Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) Events Print Abstract Angels Aran EF 208
23 Oct 11:00 Quiet Sun Magnetic Field Properties from new Inversions of HINODE Data Print Abstract Bartholomeo Viticché Ba024
09 Oct 11:00 Spitzer c2d results on disk evolution and the future: Herschel Print Abstract Loredana Spezzi Einstein
12 Jun 11:00 Giant impacts and the death of the Martian dynamo Print Abstract Robert Lillis Einstein
29 May 11:00 The role of water on Mars as derived from Chaotic terrains and outflow channels Print Abstract Tanya Zegers Einstein
15 May 11:00 An investigation of the solar radio emission fine structure Print Abstract Alexander Afaniasev Escape Dance Room
17 Apr 11:00 Multiwavelenght observations of stellar populations in Galactic Globular Clusters Print Abstract Giacomo Beccari Einstein
27 Mar 11:00 Ultra-Low-Frequency (ULF) electromagnetic waves in the polar cusps of the terrestrial magnetosphere Print Abstract Benjamin Grison Escape Dance Room
13 Mar 11:00 Fitting the spectral energy distribution of galaxies Print Abstract Jakob Walcher Newton
27 Feb 11:00 The Dark Side of the Universe: where is the missing mass? Print Abstract Gunther Thorner Escape Dance Room
13 Feb 11:00 Gas Flux Modelling - A a tool to study planetary surfaces Print Abstract Johannes Benkhoff Einstein
30 Jan 11:00 Optimising Landing-site Selection for ExoMars: Developing a decision support system for landing-site selection Print Abstract Roderik Koenders Einstein