SSO Internal Seminars - 2010 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract Speaker Room
10 Dec 15:00 The amazing world of proplyds and other "cool" disks Print Abstract S. Vicente Einstein
26 Nov 15:00 Dynamics of binary and multiple stellar systems in young star clusters Print Abstract M.B.N Kouwenhoven Einstein
5 Nov 15:00 The exploration of the Martian Moons Print Abstract O. Witasse Einstein
22 Oct 15:00 The CoRoT-11 system: a fairly massive hot-Jupiter around a rapidly rotating star and its peculiar tidal evolution Print Abstract D. Gandolfi Einstein
8 Oct 15:00 Buckyballs, aromatics and large organics in space Print Abstract B. Foing Einstein
24 Sep 15:00 Rumble in the Universe: resolved vs. integrated stellar populations Print Abstract G. Beccari & J. Walcher Einstein
11 Jun 15:00 Standing on the shoulders of giants: star and planet formation with the VLT and beyond Print Abstract Mark McCaughrean Einstein
23 Apr 15:00 A multiwavelength picture of protoplanetary disk evolution: The effects of age, mass, and environment Print Abstract Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar Escape Dance Room
9 Apr 15:00 Ideal picture vs reality: Magnetic reconnection Print Abstract Anette Borg Einstein
5 Feb 15:00 Is Our Universe Just Part of a Multiverse Print Abstract Günter Thörner Einstein
22 Jan 15:00 The low-mass part of the initial mass function Print Abstract Günter Thörner Escape Dance Room