SSO Internal Seminars - 2011 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract Speaker Room
09 Dec 15:00 Water on Mars: diversity of environments in the early history of the planet Print Abstract D. Loizeau Einstein
18 Nov 15:00 Modelling gradual solar energetic particle events for space weather predictions in interplanetary space Print Abstract A. Aran Einstein
04 Nov 15:00 The dark side of the Universe Print Abstract G. Thorner Einstein
21 Oct 15:00 Early evolution of low mass stars: open issues Print Abstract L. Spezzi Dance Room
07 Oct 15:00 Light Echoes and what we can learn from them Print Abstract S. Birchmann Einstein
23 Sep 15:00 Performances of the visible and infrared detectors for the Euclid mission Print Abstract P. Crouzet Einstein
9 Sep 15:00 Direct Imaging of Extrasolar Planets at thermal wavelengths Print Abstract M. Kenworthy Dance Room
17 Jun 15:00 Compound Semiconductor Detectors: How to observe the Colourful X-ray Universe Print Abstract C. Hansson Einstein
27 May 15:00 The Amazing World of Proplyds and other "Cool" Disks Print Abstract S. Vicente Einstein
13 May 15:00 From large to small scale motions in Venus' mesophere as observed by Venus Express Print Abstract A. Picciali Einstein
29 Apr 15:00 Cosmic Ray Science: Planetary Environment, Instrumentation & Scientific Return Print Abstract A. Keating Einstein
1 Apr 15:00 Zeptometers - searching for gravitational waves Print Abstract O. Jennrich Einstein
25 Mar 15:00 Dust lanes in spiral galaxies Print Abstract B. Holwerda Einstein
13 Mar 15:00 Magnetosheath mirror mode waves as observed by Cluster Print Abstract J. Soucek Einstein
25 Feb 15:00 RCW 38: Spitzer & Chandra views of a (Nearby) Massive Star Forming Region Print Abstract E. Winston Einstein
11 Feb 15:00 Temporal and frequency variations of flares observed by LYRA onboard of PROBA2. Print Abstract J. Zender Einstein
28 Jan 15:00 The Helioviewer Project: Open-Source Software for Discovery in the Petabyte Age Print Abstract D. Mueller Einstein
14 Jan 15:00 RCW 38: Spitzer & Chandra views of a (Nearby) Massive Star Forming Region Print Abstract E. Winston Einstein