SSO Internal Seminars - 2012 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract Speaker Room
7 Dec 15:00 Fairy tail of a comet Print Abstract S. Besse Einstein
23 Nov 15:00 Quantifying HI Morphology Print Abstract B. Holwerda Newton 1
26 Oct 15:00 Ionized and Molecular Gas Dynamics in High-Mass Star-Forming Regions Print Abstract P . Klaassen Newton 1
12 Oct 15:00 Life on Mercury Print Abstract J. Benkhoff Einstein
27 Jan 15:00 Exploring the circumstellar environment of two young eruptive stars in the North America/Pelican Nebula Print Abstract A. Kospal Einstein
13 Jan 15:00 Young Low Mass Stars in Clusters. From Orion to the Magellanic Clouds Print Abstract N. da Rio Einstein