SSO Internal Seminars - 2013 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract Speaker Room
13 Dec 15:00 Improve our presentation techniques Print Abstract S.Besse & M. Bauer Einstein
29 Nov 15:00 Stormy space weather at Mars and Venus in 2012 - CANCELLED Print Abstract Andrea Opitz Einstein
15 Nov 15:00 Sources of electron pitch angle anisotropy in the magnetotail plasma sheet Print Abstract Andrew Walsh Escape Dance
01 Nov 15:00 Radial velocity variations in the young eruptive star EX Lup Print Abstract Agnes Kospal Newton 1
4 Oct 15:00 Massive star clusters as tracers of galaxy assembly Print Abstract Iskren Georgiev Einstein
14 Jun 15:00 Welcome to the feast: the study of extreme accretion onto black holes Print Abstract Matt Middleton  Einstein
30 May 15:00 From noisy pixel to unbiased cosmology: challenges in weak lensing Print Abstract Massimo Viola Einstein
26 Apr 15:00 Unraveling Disk Formation with Molecules Print Abstract Daniel Harsono  Einstein
22 Mar 15:00 Dakhleh Glass: When the sky fell on the Oasis Print Abstract Albert Haldemann Einstein
08 Mar 15:00 Waterfalls around protostars Print Abstract Joseph Mottram Einstein
15 Feb 15:00 What we don't know about comets Print Abstract Aurelie Guilbert-Lepoutre Einstein
08 Feb 15:00 What is Mass Density? Print Abstract Nathan Leigh Newton 1
25 Jan 15:00 Refraction, from lunar eclipses to planetary transits Print Abstract Antonio Garcia Munoz Escape Dance