SSO Internal Seminars - 2015 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
18 December 15:00 Gaia Status Update Print Abstract Timo Prusti Einstein
04 December 15:00 Associations amongst video meteors Print Abstract Regina Rudawska Newton 1
20 November 15:00 Kinetic plasma turbulence at proton scales in the solar wind Print Abstract Owen Roberts Einstein
06 November 15:00 BepiColombo Status Update Print Abstract Johannes Benkhoff Einstein
23 October 15:00 Stellar Astrophysics with Cassini Print Abstract Paul N. Stewart (Univ. Sydney) Einstein
09 October 15:00 JUICE Status Update Print Abstract Olivier Witasse Escape
18 September 15:00 Mind the gap: gas and dust in planet-forming disks Print Abstract Nienke van der Marel (Leiden) Newton 1
03 July 15:00 The mixed chemistry problem in evolved stars Print Abstract Lizette Guzman-Ramirez (ESO) Einstein
19 June 15:00 Multiplicity of exoplanet host stars Print Abstract Christian Ginski (Leiden) Newton 1
05 June 15:00 Intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters - accretion rates from stellar wind Print Abstract Nora Lützgendorf Einstein
22 May 15:00 Solar Orbiter – Exploring the Sun-Heliosphere Connection Print Abstract Daniel Mueller Newton 2
13 May 16:30 Coronal and Photospheric Magnetic Features to understand EUV and UV Solar Irradiance Variability from PROBA2/SWAP/LYRA and SDO/AIA/HMI Observations Print Abstract R. Kariyappa (IIA) Db124
24 April 15:00 X-ray studies of young stellar objects: Jets and disks Print Abstract Christian Schneider Einstein
10 April 15:00 The James Webb Space Telescope: status update Print Abstract Pierre Ferruit Einstein
20 March 15:00 Interaction of magnetic clouds with the Earth's bow shock Print Abstract Lucile Turc Escape dance room
06 March 15:00 Microwave Emission From Spinning Dust Grains Print Abstract Christopher Tibbs Escape dance room
20 February 15:00 Planetary space weather at Venus, Earth and Mars Print Abstract Andrea Optiz Einstein
06 February 15:00 Effect of primordial non-Gaussianities on the far-UV luminosity function of high-redshift galaxies: implications for cosmic reionization Print Abstract Jacopo Chevallard Einstein
23 January 15:00 Observational consequences of embedded planets in protoplanetary disks Print Abstract Paola Pinilla (Leiden) Escape dance room