SSO Internal Seminars - 2018 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
14 December 11:00 Internal magnetic field of Mercury Print Abstract Joana Oliveira Newton 1
30 November 15:00 EuroMoonMars research, technology and field simulation campaigns Print Abstract Bernard Foing Newton 1
16 November 11:00 ARIEL: A chemical census of a large diverse sample of exoplanets - or - Why we do need 'another' exoplanet mission Print Abstract Göran Pilbratt Dance room
9 November 11:00 One year of astronomy at the South Pole Print Abstract Daniel Michalik Dance room
02 November 11:00 Understanding the trends in the Milky Way's Bulge Print Abstract Victor Debattista (University of Central Lancashire) Dance room
12 October 11:00 (cancelled) Print Abstract (cancelled) Dance room
28 September 11:00 Assessment of the image quality of Euclid VIS and NISP instruments Print Abstract Arielle Bertrou-Cantou DB 124
14 September 11:00 Lucky Strike: a terrestrial analogue for hydrothermal fields on ancient Mars Print Abstract Ottaviano Ruesch Einstein
29 June 11:00 Jupiter's Jet streams and interior revealed by Juno Print Abstract Yamila Miguel (Leiden Observatory) Dance Room
15 June 11:00 The visualization of the complex trajectory for the JUICE mission and its 29 flybys Print Abstract Benjamin Torn Einstein
20 April 11:00

1.Mid-size Transneptunian Objects and James Webb Spatial Telescope prospects

2.Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Microscopy-Why and How?

Print Abstract

1.Robin Metayer

2.Marius Bauer

Newton 1
6 April 11:00

ESA's Human Research Programme

Print Abstract

Jennifer Ngo Ann

16 March 11:00 Kinematical signatures of intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters Print Abstract Alice Zocchi Dance room
16 February 11:00 Blowing in the wind: studying AGN feedback through X-ray spectroscopy of nuclear winds Print Abstract Matteo Guainazzi Dance room
2 February 11:00 The life of star clusters observed from the sky and simulations Print Abstract Xiaoying Pang

Dance room

19 January 11:00 Moon Village Activities Update Print Abstract Bernard Foing Newton 2