ESTEC Internal Seminars - 2020 Programme


During COVID-19, ESTEC open/internal seminars combined with the virtual 2020 ESAC Seminars
Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
24 January 11:00 Holes in space - diamagnetic cavities at comets Print Abstract Charlotte Goetz Newton 1
07 February 11:00 Insights into Structure Formation in the Milky Way Print Abstract Victor Debattista Dance Room
21 February 11:00 How ESA selects its science missions Print Abstract Arvind Parmar Einstein
06 March 11:00 The challenges of sampling lunar volatiles with PROSPECT Print Abstract Philip Reiss Newton 1
20 March 11:00

WILL BE POSTPONED - Ice giant mission concept studies

Print Abstract Olivier Witasse Dance Room

17 April

11:00 Comet Interceptor Print Abstract Matthew Taylor Online
24 April 11:00 CANCELLED Print Abstract   Online
08 May 11:00 Ice giant mission concept studies Print Abstract Olivier Witasse Online
05 June 11:00 TBD Print Abstract Leiden MSc projects, R. Landman, M. Mars en C. van Buchem Einstein
12 June 11:00 Early bombardement history of the inner Solar System and links to future exploration missions Print Abstract Csilla Orgel Dance Room
03 July 11:00 TBD Print Abstract Rachana Bhatawdekar