XMM-Newton 2001 Science Workshop

New Visions of the X-ray Universe in the XMM-Newton and Chandra era
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 26-30 November 2001

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Spectrum of the radio-quiet quasar IRAS 13349+2438 registered with the Reflection Grating Spectrometer on board XMM-Newton. NASA/McGill/V.Kaspi et al. A pulsar in the center of the G11.2-0.3 supernova remnant observed with Chandra Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer. XMM-Newton mosaics of the Coma cluster of galaxies obtained with the European Photon Imaging Camera.


The Symposium focused on the new results emerging from ESA's XMM-Newton Observatory, NASA's Chandra Observatory, and other missions, with the aim of providing a coherent view of recent progress in high energy astrophysics.

The XMM-Newton and Chandra space observatories are now providing the Science Community with new observational data of overwhelming importance for our understanding of the Universe. Compared to their predecessors, this new generation of X-ray observatories combines a larger collecting area with a higher spatial and spectral resolution. This allows the scientific community to perform detailed morphological studies, spectral-imaging and medium- to high-resolution spectroscopy on a large number of X-ray sources that were previously inaccessible at such a level of detail and accuracy. It is these results, which provide new visions of the X-ray Universe.

Scientific Organising Committee:

Mike Watson University of Leicester, UK (chair)
Monique Arnaud CEA/DSM/DAPNIA, Saclay, F
Bernd Aschenbach MPE Garching, D
Xavier Barcons IFCA (CSIC-UC), Santander, E
Andy Fabian IoA, Cambridge, UK
Richard Griffiths Carnegie Mellon University, US
Guenther Hasinger AIP Potsdam/MPE Garching, D
Jelle Kaastra SRON, Utrecht, NL
Steve Kahn Columbia University, US
Thierry Montmerle CEA/DSM/DAPNIA, Saclay, F
Roberto Pallavicini OAPA, Palermo, I
Giorgio Palumbo ASI, Rome, I
Liz Puchnarewicz MSSL, University College London, UK
Marten van Kerkwijk Utrecht University, NL

Local Organising Committee:

F. Jansen
P. Gondoin
G. Elfering

Conference Secretariat

ESTEC Conference Bureau
P.O.Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands

Scientific Program

The detailed program, including abstracts, and the time table are available in pdf format.

The Symposium was organised as follows. Each day of the five day meeting there have been one or more plenary sessions in the main auditorium. In the afternoons of two days, there were parallel workshops and a poster sessions.

Invited Speakers

Werner Becker MPE, Garching, Germany
Johan Bleeker Utrecht University, NL
Hans Böhringer MPE Garching, Germany
Bert Brinkman SRON, NL
Anne Decourchelle SAp Saclay, France
Manuel Güdel ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Guenther Hasinger AIP Potsdam/MPE Garching, Germany
David Helfland Columbia University, NY, USA
Fred Jansen ESTEC, Netherlands
Hideyo Kunieda JAXA, Japan
Keith Mason UCL-MSSL, UK
Thierry Montmerle SAp Saclay, France
Richard Mushotzky NASA-GSFC, USA
Frits Paerels Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory, USA
Robert Petre NASA, USA
Wolfgang Pietsch MPE, Garching, Germany
Ken Pounds University of Leicester, UK
Martin Turner University of Leicester, UK
Daniel Q. Wang University of Massachusetts - Amherst, USA
Robert Warwick Univ.of Leicester, UK

Plenary sessions:

Session A Project & Instrument Overviews
Day 1 (am) & Day 2 (pm)
Session B Optically thin plasmas
B.1 Stellar coronae & stellar winds
B.2 SNRs
B.3 Clusters of galaxies
Days 1 & 2
Session C Accretion and outflows
C.1 X-ray binaries
Days 2 & 3
Session D Neutron star and white dwarf emission
Day 3
Session E The nearby Universe
E.1 Galactic diffuse emission and source populations
E.2 Star-forming regions & star clusters
E.3 Local galaxies
Days 4 & 5
Session F The X-ray background
Day 5
Session G Future missions & instruments
Day 5

Workshops and Poster Sessions

Each workshop had a coordinator who was responsible, in conjunction with the Scientific Organising Committee, for the workshop's programme.

Workshop WA2 XMM instrument calibration
(coordinator: Dave Lumb)
Day 2
Workshop WB1 X-ray surveys and follow-up programmes
(coordinator: Mike Watson)
Day 4
Workshop WB2 Plasma processes, diagnostics & code
(coordinator: Jelle Kaastra)
Day 4
Workshop WA3/WB3 XMM Data analysis workshops I/II
(coordinator: Christian Erd)
Day 2, 4
Poster session I posters related to sessions A,B,C
(changeover day 3)
Days 1-3
Poster session II posters related to sessions D,E,F,G
(changeover day 3)
Days 3-5

No conference proceedings were published